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3 Trending Halloween Fads of 2018 that you need to know

Halloween is just around the corner, which means we not only get to stock our pantries with ingredients for pumpkin spice lattes and pies, but we also get to raid the shopping malls and online e-stores in the hopes to run into some of the best of 2018.

It isn’t every day when we get to storm outside, dressed in the most uncivil costumes ever, and knock at each door in the hopes to cash in loads of candy. Well, since the latter of this ritual is more popular amongst youngsters, teens and adults, likewise, have now been raiding Pinterest and YouTube to get ideas for costumes, and therefore, to learn how to apply a gothic, gory make-up.

Mentioned below are 3 trending fads of 2018 that we think everyone should know in order to celebrate Halloween to the fullest.




Do you have a cow | New American Jackets



Doja Cat’s single, ‘Moo’ crossed over 23 million views on YouTube as her ridiculous attempt at producing a viral rap video succeeded and therefore, surfaced the internet with its grace.

Do you remember how the internet popularized the man who sprinkled salt in an uber-poised way? Well, the internet is onto another hippie sensation this year, as countless searches to dress up as Doja Cat have been reported online.

While Doja Cat aka Amala Dlamini has now received quite a lot of backlash for passing and defending homophobic slurs on Twitter, we think that the craze might die down till Halloween surfaces. Well, we know what we are going to do with those fries from Mc Donald’s on Halloween, anyway.




Replica Leather Jackets | New American Jackets


Wonder-Woman (2017), and Black Panther are profound additions, and perhaps, two of the most exemplary fictional franchises that have managed to take the audience by storm with their revolutionary cinematic experiences and apt portrayal of characters.

Get yourself a cheap replica leather jacket, a pair of black leather pants or black trousers with a mask, and successfully portray Wonder Woman this Halloween. Dressing up as superheroes is a constant – ever since the first comic was printed, probably – and no matter how old or superfluous the character has been, you can never run out of ideas for Halloween




Superhero leather jacket | New American Jackets


If you don’t want to dress up as your favourite character from Marvel or DC comics and adorn a superhero leather jacket, then you know where to go to get ideas for this Halloween. The internet is a veritable smorgasbord of indoor Halloween themed ideas and DIY ideas for doing your own make-up and coming up with your own attire.

For this Halloween, you can also try adjusting the tones in your living room by adding a splash of neutrality to it. Replace the chairs with tombstones, and your chinaware with skull-shaped crockery and pumpkin-shaped pottery to spice things up


super hero leather jacket | New American Jackets


Take down the curtains and display white sheets all over the living room in order to make Halloween this year more relatable and authentic. Carve out pumpkins and display Jack O’ Lanterns in your yard to give the kids a good scare.

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