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4 Insanely Awesome Jackets from Thor’s Collection

4 Insanely Awesome Jackets from Thor's Collection

The Asgardian God of thunder is unlikely to shower mercy upon his enemies. One of the founding members of S.H.I.E.LD, the blonde bearded superhero fights for the cause of humanity whenever humans are in a troubled situation. Known as Thor Odinson, the notable figure from Asgard has probably the best superhero collection of all. Thor seems to be quite interested in vests rather than jackets which is one of the reasons we have seen him donning vests in most of the films.

Despite being an unearthly creature, Thor has a little bit of knowledge to stylize casual wears just like any other fashion geek. This gives him an edge over other super beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who aren’t interested in varied clothing as much as him. He is a kind of hero who doesn’t put himself in the restrictive zone and do what he likes the most irrespective of the trend. Let’s start exploring super cool outerwears donned by the handsome man which are far better than most of the Superhero Jackets found in the online market.


Brown Vest From Ragnarok

We know Thor prevented Hela from destabilizing Asgard and wiping out his home in Ragnarok, but very few know the outerwear donned by Thor in the film is called Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth Brown Leather Vest. Unlike the metal-bodied costumes, It looks like a thing from the medieval era. Made of real leather material, it acts as a thick shield proving the wearer the much-needed support to counter the threat of cold wind. Comes in brown shaded color, it has been regarded as the greatest outerwear made solely for the fans of the warrior figure.


A Casual Jacket for a Casual Appearance

Thanks to Marvel Studios for a better presentation of the superheroes in casual attires since the comic books always showed them in weird costumes. The Marvel movies have hinted towards the use of casual wears by the superheroes and the Chris Hemsworth Avengers Endgames Thor Cotton Jacket is not an exception at all. Prepared with the help of cotton material, wearing this jacket lets you truly represent the Asgardian hero in a fashionable manner. With a remarkably stitched hooded collar to cover up the head, it is a fine piece to spend your money on.


The Vest from Avengers Infinity War

Apart from axing hundreds of creepy creatures in a single blow at the battlefield in Wakanda, Thor has been credited for introducing the Avengers Infinity War Thor Vest to humans from planet Earth. The real leather developed masterpiece comes with a sizzling hot combination of red and black which speaks for itself. It is the ultimate proof that Thor is into dark colors rather than light ones. Featuring the nontraditional spec of the back zipper, this jacket is considerably far better than the ones mentioned above. However, since the features in each outerwear vary, you can take a look at your priority list and decide accordingly.

A Shirt Style Denim Jacket

Who do you think adopts fashion the best? Assuming your answer would be ”Tony Stark”, you would be suggested to review your opinion and take a look at the rich selection of outerwears by Thor. An epic piece, the Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth Jacket is the first entry of its kind in the collection of outerwears worn by the defender of Earth in many of his appearance on the screen. Built internally using viscose fabric for maximum comfort and adjustment, it has buttoned closure and the multi-pockets feature. This jacket has been designed in such a way that it becomes a center of focus which means you don’t have to pay close attention to the list of features it offers.

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