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4 Inspirational Leather Coats from Hollywood Movies

4 Inspirational Leather Coats from Hollywood Movies

It is a common perception that a trench coat is more useful than a jacket due to its capacity to cover up the body from knees to the shoulders. In fact, way before the entry of Black Leather Jacket in men clothing, a trench coat was considered to be a must-have. It was pretty popular during and before the Victorian era which is why the classic footages from the 19th century show almost every man in a long coat. Despite the fact jackets have taken over the clothing industry, still, a large segment of society prefers coat over any other outerwear. Let’s explore a bunch of classy trench coats donned by Hollywood celebrities and welcome the new season with much gratitude and affection.

Jason Mamoa’s unbeatable outerwear

Jason Momoa Justice League Coat

Playing Aquaman in DC Extended Universe has enabled Jason Mamoa to be a megastar and show off his extraordinary looks to the world. The tall man’s pictures in the Jason Momoa Justice League Coat have already inspired millions of the comic fans all around the world. Thanks to the broad shearling fur and the medieval-era-like pattern, it effortlessly integrates with the casual outfit while making others wonder about its origin. Off course, you don’t get to see that many men donning such a sophisticated yet quality coat these days. Moreover, it is thick enough to block the chilly wind from freezing your body and gives you a reason to step out of the home.

The Grey Coat Donned by Robert Pattinson

We know Robert Pattinson for exceptional acting performances including the portrayal of Edward Cullen in Twilight. The British gentleman’s choice of the popularly called Edward Cullen Twilight Wool Pea Coat in the said film earned him mixed reviews from the fashion critics. However, the audience has done quite the opposite by admiring his wardrobe which is much better than the best wardrobe Tom Cruise has ever come up with, lol. The grey outerwear offers a thick exterior made of wool fabric and guarantees the provision of dashing appearance describing your personality like never before. You don’t need to add layers after layers to your body rather take this simple approach of trying the said masterpiece.

The Wardrobe of Jason Statham In Fate of the Furious

An incredible piece indeed, Fate of the Furious Jason Statham Coat Movie reflects Statham’s attachment with fashion. The action-loving man is believed to be very passionate about looking extraordinarily hotter. Fans have already fallen in love with him for delivering some remarkable dialogues in the said film and kicking the bad guys. Built for the casual purpose specifically, this coat even pairs with formal dressing style for the high-fi party. Consider using the glamorous tool to triple up the charm and set your unmatchable standard.

Charlie Hunnam’s Medieval Era Coat

Living a luxurious life is a dream which can’t be fulfilled for many, but As far as a luxurious coat is concerned, you can definitely have a privilege to get one. Since Charlie Hunnam has played King Arthur donning the Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Coat in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, fans are desperate to get the luxurious jacket to feel what it feels to be a king, you better agree with this but the medieval era designers had got a taste of fashion. Speaking of protection, there is no way for the dry yet cold wind to pose a threat to your health while the temperature has declined.

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