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4 Super Wonderful Vests Donned by Marvel Characters in MCU

4 Super Wonderful Vests Donned by Marvel Characters in MCU

Having a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes us realize the presence of fashion in the costume of each and every character whether the heroes or the villains. Marvel Studios is known for bestowing far better costumes to its characters as compared to DC Films which is you witness more number of Halloween celebrants donning Marvel-inspired costumes in the costume party. Since most of us have been fed of jackets and coats, let’s take a look at the professionally designed Leather Vests donned by superheroes and super villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chris Hemsworth Thor Leather Vest


The man who remained unbeatable and victorious during the Wakanda battle can never be subdued by the enemy forces at any cost.  Thor brings us the Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth Brown Leather Vest for the upcoming Halloween party which is equipped with a combination of real leather and inner lining of viscose fabric. This vest is the ultimate proof of Thor’s glory and suits up his fierce and warrior-like personality. Consider trying it to feel Thor’s power and the way he deals with the anti-humanitarian creatures.

Black Panther Erik Killmonger Vest


It is absolutely sad to know Killmonger has been wiped out at the hands of Black Panther, however, the insane yet brave guy at least introduced the Black Panther Michael B Jordan Vest to us which is too better than most of the superhero jackets and coats you find online these days. Killmonger’s vest offers a tough and thick exterior enough hard to create a blockade between your body and the chilly winds. In fact, it is impossible for anything to penetrate through the exterior which ultimately safeguards your body. Give yourself a chance to become Killmonger’s elite supporter by donning this vest.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Cosplay Costume Vest


It was always hard to defeat Thanos with even the superpowers of all the superheroes combined. The most dangerous super villain of all the time was mostly seen in the Avengers Infinity War Thanos Vest which is structured using faux leather and cotton fabric. This untraditional combination of faux leather and cotton fabric is rare to find. A character like no other, Thanos is an unmatchable villain possessing extraordinary powers making him an invincible figure. Well, if this does not impress you, God knows what will.

Captain America Sebastian Stan Bucky Barnes Leather Vest Jacket

Bucky Barnes

The last inclusion in the list of Marvel characters inspired vests is the Captain America Bucky Barnes Vest Jacket which is inspired by Bucky Barnes. This black outerwear reminds the wearer of Bucky Barnes’ services to the S.H.I.E.L.D and his immense support to Cap. We know Barnes has been completely neglected by Cap in Endgame, but the sympathy of fans is still with both the superheroes who were good friends from the very first day. Talking of the features, this vest offers unique specifications such as a rid-knitted collar, belted closure, and detachable sleeves, It’s a voguish attire which is why pairing it with a casual shirt will not make others laugh at you at all, lol.

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