4 Unmatchable Jackets from the Fast and the Furious

4 Unmatchable Jackets from the Fast and the Furious

From the calm yet charismatic nature of Dominic Toretto to the fierce personality of Hobbs, The Fast and The Furious has been offering the best dose of extreme entertainment to the passionate followers for almost a couple of decades. The raging car driving, hot wheels drifting, and countless stunts in each film, every aspect of the series is worth-admiring having a proper storyline with no loopholes to allow the critics to pass on negative remarks. Besides, the sizzling hot wardrobes of each and every character is just a way to go for. Below is 4 amazingly cool outerwears including a couple of Leather Jackets from the said film series that became a must-have thing for the fashion-loving fans.

The Military Green Jacket

Primarily speaking, It is very unusual to spot Jason Statham wearing a loose fit military green outerwear on the big screen. In fact, you are very likely to find him in snug fit outfits making his physique visible. But since the director may be a bit eager to impose his likes and dislikes on Statham, there may have been no reason for the 52 years old British actor to refuse him to don the Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw Jason Statham Green Jacket. Statham always looks dashing even without showing off his extra powerful muscles and detailed sick packs.

Dominic Toretto’s Outfit

There is just no match to the fashion-related choices made by Dominic Toretto, primary protagonist in The Fast and The Furious series. Despite being a criminal and an unfashionable personality, he seems to have a relatively better idea of having a casual outfit than most of the fellowmen in his gang. Check out the Dominic Toretto Fast & Furious 8 Vin Diesel Black Jacket and you will be forced to recognize him as a highly fashion-following badass guy.

The Leather Made External Layer

In spite of quarreling with Dwayne Johnson or the former WWE champion and one of the highest-paid actors,  fame has not gone away from Tyrese Gibsons’ life. Although he is not a typical fashionista but the Fast and Furious 7 Tyrese Gibson Jacket indicates the 40 years old Californian actor is a step ahead of his rival The Rock in terms of understanding the fashion. Regardless of this, we just can not claim him to have a mind-blowing appearance in the black outerwear as he surely made a weird attempt to assemble a casual yet formal outfit.

A Striking Combination of White and Black

While we talk of the jackets worn by celebrities in The Fast and The Furious series, it is impossible to skip the Vin Diesel Fast and Furious 7 Jacket which is remarkably similar to the sports bike outerwear usually worn by the sports bikers. With the official title of the film at the upper front, sleeves, and the back, this is by far the most sensational outerwear from the film series donned by the one and only smoking hot Vin Diesel.

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