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It is an undisputed matter with equally agree to the fact that no matter what, Hollywood movies will always be the first fashion school for us. If there is one thing we all are bedazzled by something mutually, it is either Angelina Jolie’s new coat’s cut or Brad Pit’s tuxedos. Fans love to find the copy of a watch worn by Chris Evans and show-off about new haircut more if it resembles that of Justin Bieber’s. In short, what teaches us about style and looking charming more than anyone else are our Hollywood superstars.

Since we all are on the verge of welcoming the fall season, our fashion spirits are higher as always. If you are also one of  those having a knack of experimenting new items in their closets and is too tired of all those mainstream trends, like those men’s and women’s casual jackets that can be found in every person’s collection, then this article is a perfect read for you.

Hollywood stars have the solution to your every fashion problem you have and here is a glimpse on how they style their mainstream fall clothes with such uniqueness that we bet you will love to copy.



Women's fall jackets | New American Jackets

Ali Larter really knows how to beat the taciturnity of this weather while looking absolutely fine at the same time. Look how easy it is to pair up any of the warm women’s fall jackets with a lightly flared shirt and long boots for those days when fall starts becoming cold.




The Ever-Green Denim Becoming Darker | New American Jackets


Talking about style, there is nothing better than denim no matter what season is it. Like everything, denim also has a darker side but thankfully it is not dark in essence at all. Look how Margot Robbie is carrying this darker all denim dress and pin the style for your next concert or night out look.




Cargo Jackets Men's | New American Jackets



Guys, take notes from us that girls go crazy when they see those handsome cargo jackets men killing it with every move they make. Here is Chris Evan’s setting higher than ever trends for you out in a bright sunshine being the winter soldier he really is. Do make sure you copy this guy’s fashion sense and make a statement at the next event you attend




Lana Turner | New American Jackets


It is not only about the new ones, even the old Hollywood stars had the fashion sense higher than all of us combined. Lana Turner knew how to shimmer in this draped, shiny, and luxe slip dresses. You can copy the same style as it is and no one will ever guess about how many falls it had been tried before.




Kate Bosworth | New American Jackets


Take some inspiration from Kate Bosworth and pair light and dark shirts together for an amazing lunch or dinner date this fall season. If you are thinking of carrying a leather bag, it is a plus.

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