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A Look into the Best Jackets Worn by Celebrities in the Transformer Series

The Autobots led by Optimus Prine have always offered their unconditional services to humanity specifically whenever the Earth came under attack and the human race lacked capability to knock out the ultra-powerful invaders. In general, the Transformers series holds prominent importance among the fans of action-filled Hollywood movies. From the perspective of a fashion-minded person like me, the film has offered some alluring wardrobes including a charming Black Leather Jacket to the fashionistas. To be specific, you need to be familiar with 4 cool outerwears donned by the celebrities that are outlined below.

Mark Wahlberg

The first entry in the list of fabulous outerwears from the Series is of Mark Wahlberg Transformers Age of Extinction Jacket which Mark Wahlberg can be seen wearing during a running away scene in Age of Extinction. Although the 48 years old American actor looked like an aged father in that light brown thing, luckily the fashion critics have made no critical remarks against his wardrobe selection. Perhaps the megastar from Boston was skipping the gym prior to the project and rather wanted to stay in the comfort zone. Whatever, besides the not-so-good physical condition, Wahlberg has been praised for stylizing the voguish jacket. Well, let’s hope he will restart hitting the gym and build some muscles to look further better.

Jack Reynor

Perhaps the character of Jack Reynor is the funniest in The Transformer Series who would always get credits for whatever Wahlberg’s character would do. Coming to the point, the Transformers Age of Extinction Jack Reynor Jacket the most stylish outerwear from the Autobots-dominated film. Its a leather-made jacket equipped with snap tab buttons, zip closure, and the extremely fancy erect collar. This one looks no different than ordinary jackets except the pattern which differentiates it from the rest of jackets donned by numerous characters in the series.

Ashleigh Cummings

The angled jackets have been serving the world specifically the Americans for decades. It is unusual to prefer anything else over an angled jacket. From a casual outfit to street style fashion, you can witness many fashionistas donning them. But when it comes to Ashleigh Cummings her smoking look in angled outerwear, you might not want to miss that out. The beauty queen actress is behind the immense fame of the Vic McQueen NOS4A2 Leather Jacket. The outerwear reflects a very sober yet simple pattern but with a bit of the vintage touch.

Shia Labeouf

Playing a young teenage guy who is being close to the Autobots would not have been an easy job for Shia Labeouf. Since Labeouf has departed from the series, the only thing that reminds us of him is the Shia Labeouf Transformers 3 Jacket. The plain exterior, a flap pocket at the right corner of the chest and the snug fit features are enough to go for. You can even customize the jacket as per your requirement while adding anything from a text to an animated picture.

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