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Are Leather Coats Still in Style?

Are Leather Coats Still in Style

After the dominance of Victorian-era long outer wears in the mainstream fashion, the fashionistas of the 20th century were eager to see the introduction of fancy leather coats in the European markets for commercial consumers. The expensive raw material used in the making of leather wears was refraining the middle class to adopt the luxuriously built outerwear to ensure their survival against the extreme cold weather. The expensive imported leather from Spain could only be afforded by the elites, whereas the middle class did not have the privilege to have an experience of the real leather-made items.

However, soon, leather jackets and coats became a trend among the inhabitants living in the Northern regions which were too cold to survive without at least a single layer of outerwear. Thanks to the invention of PU leather and frequent use of it which acted as a true substitute to real leather jackets and came within the reach lower classes in the financial division.

Being frank, what actually comes to your mind when you hear or read the word leather coat? The very next moment you have read the word titular words, it is absolutely obvious that your mind may have started creating images of long vintage trench coats from the 70s and 80s which were a popular symbol of fashion then. Apart from that, the leather coats were more than just a piece of clothing or a way to prevent the body from getting froze. In fact, they became part of the daily lifestyle of everyone from financially poor classes to the elite class to remain the part of the fashion industry for decades.

With the start of the 2nd last decade of the 20th century, leather coats were seen as fashionable wear reflecting one’s own taste of fashion as the addition of modernism to the pattern and design marked the beginning of a new era of fashion dominated by the long outerwears.

Analyzing whether or not the leather coats are still in fashion, the shortest answer may be no. According to Stephanie Solomon, women’s fashion director at Bloomingdale’s, “It’s the bomber or the cropped motorcycle jacket that is looking right today,” she further added, ”the style can be worn with jeans or short dresses. If you prefer a longer jacket, choose “a short, belted trench coat, maybe in patent leather.”

As compared to leather coats, a general customer preferring e-shop may find a greater number of leather jackets on sale on the internet indicating the decrease in the use of long trench coats. The young generation seems to be keenly interested in the latest fashion apparels and aims to transform the fashion while neglecting the century-old style which once dominated the fashion industry. But its only about the time and the addition of totally new style to the coats which may turn the mind of fashionistas in the favor of the long outerwears.

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