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The amazing American animated series, Batman Beyond is getting all ready to be brought back on the small screen by DC Universe. This amazing American animated series probably, reminds 90s fans of the amazing time they had before they crowded into the 21st century. Batman Beyond aired back in 1999, and was an instant hit and an amazing feature back then.

With the news that DC universe might revamp the animated series and produce the amazing Batman Beyond in 3D on their live streaming app might give fans hope that all that’s gone isn’t lost in an abyss. Fans would finally get to picture Batman Beyond in an authentic batman suit, and rave as he takes on Gotham and reboots his adventures with mystery and heroism at par.

While this is not entirely about the news of the show, this is about something else too. Varner Studios has thought of an impeccable way to create room for Batman Beyond release. Varner Studios has taken the privilege and opportunity to sculpt a 10 inches tall Batman Beyond PVC Diorama statue.



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This action-oriented statue is apparently a reminder that Batman Beyond is taking new leaps towards an animated show that will be in 3D. The statue appears to be lovely, and fans wouldn’t mind keeping it on their shelves for keepsakes. Imagine reading a book in your living room, and seeing Terry McGinnis leaping throughout Gotham in his sleek batman attire from beyond the window. Well, now you can have McGinnis prying about in your living room, and fantasize way more realistically when you watch the 3D animated show.

Let’s discuss a bit more about the Batman Beyond PVC Diorama statue. For starters, it is sleek from top to bottom. Its sleek design might give its actual animated counterpart a contender to combat with. McGinnis looks quite fierce in this little statue form, as his fiery frown has been sculpted to perfection. He is leaping from a cloud emitting smoke and nothing could be more perfect than the portrayal of his sleekness.



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With his wings spread, and his face emitting anger, this Batman Beyond PVC Diorama statue will slowly rise above – pun intended – the expectations of its fans. Its design is not only sleek, but the red and black paint job has given the statue a subtle finish that craves for admiration and praise. Fans would probably look for this batman suit replica for sale, and cosplay Batman Beyond at any upcoming comic convention.

There are two fantastic parts about this statue that might give fans a run for their money. Imagine owning a statue that is not only buff and ripped apart like Batman, but is also exposed and sculpted to embody fierceness to perfection. Seeing that the body contours are perfectly sculpted by Varner Studios might cause the inner fanboy to unleash like a beast. The cloud emitting smoke and those jet blasts which are basically responsible for hovering Batman Beyond into the open have taken the cake for bringing the statue glory.



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If you’re looking for an idea to strike you before Christmas, then look no further, since Batman Beyond has gotten you covered. All you need to do is go to the best place to buy winter jackets and Batman Beyond’s costume, and you’re set to cosplay Terry McGinnis with a festive touch.

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