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Is Anna Kendrick’s profession keeping her too busy?

Is Anna Kendrick's profession keeping her too busy

From having a frank conversation with the former president Barack Obama and making him laugh by insulting him twice, to refusing to perform nude scenes in front of the camera, Anna Kendrick is all about an exceptionally talented personality whose acting skills has enabled her to earn millions of dollars and achieve what others can’t even in the lifetime. The Pitch Perfect 3 actress is fond of being in the limelight for many reasons associated with her profession. Trolls World Tour: Kendrick will do the voice-over for Poppy Being a typical fan of the Hollywood star, one might wonder what she is up to these days and what actually refrains her from even socializing. These days, Kendrick is busy recording her voice for the main…

Are Leather Coats Still in Style?

Are Leather Coats Still in Style

After the dominance of Victorian-era long outer wears in the mainstream fashion, the fashionistas of the 20th century were eager to see the introduction of fancy leather coats in the European markets for commercial consumers. The expensive raw material used in the making of leather wears was refraining the middle class to adopt the luxuriously built outerwear to ensure their survival against the extreme cold weather. The expensive imported leather from Spain could only be afforded by the elites, whereas the middle class did not have the privilege to have an experience of the real leather-made items. However, soon, leather jackets and coats became a trend among the inhabitants living in the Northern regions which were too cold to survive without at least a single…

How Long Can Leather Last?

How Long Can Leather Last

Today, the leather wearers are found all across the globe, from the inhabitants of the Pacific region to as far as the Latin American continent at the bank of the Atlantic Ocean. After the Autumn departs, the harsh weather of Winter arrives and leaves humans with a choice to increase the usage of leather items. Therefore, the titular question has been a source of confusion for most of the leather users for decades. The seriousness of the question can be understood in the simplest manner by learning that it affects a buyer’s choice if the doubts are not cleared.   The Leather duration Have you ever heard you, granny or grandpa, claiming that their leather jackets and coats lasted for decades? Or have you ever…

4 Best 2019 Halloween Costumes to Add to the Cart

4 Best Halloween Costumes

While the summer has hit the world with a massive increase in temperature, it sounds absolutely weird to talk of the ancient Celtic festival of Halloween which is a few months away. however, this has to be admitted that people may start planning way before the arrival of the scary event to make it a memorable one. whether it’s about leaving your friend alone in a haunted house or scaring a random guy walking up the street, the preparations may start earlier than expected. in case, you still think it’s just too early to be confused about the Halloween costume, you are welcome to skip the article. Just to make it clear, Halloween is not just being dressed like a filthy creature, in fact, it…

Five minutes read to know all about Hobbs and Shaw

Hobbs and Shaw

The upcoming mega-blockbuster Fast and Furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw will be released in the United States and the United Kingdom on the 2nd of August, 2019. Fans have been desperately waiting for Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson to witness the thrill and action. The Fast and Furious spin-off seems to be dominating the box office with the amazing trailer showing Idris Elba confronting the badass guys certainly The Rock whose Hobbs And Shaw Idris Elba Black Leather Jacket has already been in the trend.   Cast Alongside the British actors Idris Elba as Brixton, Jason Statham as Shaw, and former American wrestler The Rock as Hobbs, the film stars Vanessa Kirby as Hattie Shaw, Helen Mirren as Deckard and the WWE wrestler, Roman Reigns…

Are Black Leather Jackets still in fashion?

Black Leather Jacket

Covering up your body or let’s say layering a piece of cloth to protect your body from the chilly winds is a few millenniums-old practices which have enabled the human race to survive during the harsh weather conditions. Way black when there was no global warming and winter will last longer than summer, people used to rely a lot on jackets and coats. In fact, even till this date, our reliance on jackets is no less than it was ever before. Black Jackets and today’s fashion What are the changes the fashion industry may have experienced in the past couple of decades? You may have wondered a number of reasons, however, the prominent one is the reduced reliance of consumers on leather wears as winter…

Knowing What Brie Larson is up to these days

Brie larson Captain Marvel

The stunningly gorgeous American actress Brie Larson loves being in the limelight certainly after she signed the film Captain Marvel in which she appeared as Carol Danvers, a United States Air Force pilot who was caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the alien races. The movie was a huge hit flying past the whopping $1 billion globally and being one of the only three Marvel movies to surpass the staggering figure of one billion dollars. Not only that, but the film also introduced Captain Marvel Brie Larson Distressed Leather Jacket to the die-hard followers of the fashion which has still be in the trend. It is obviously not surprising to know that she has been more popular today as once she was…

Facts you wish you would have known about Captain America: Civil War

Facts you wish you would have known about Captain America Civil War

While there is no Captain America since Avengers: Endgame has put a full stop to the life of Steve Rogers, going into the past and knowing a few fun facts regarding the Civil War might not be a bad idea. So, let’s check out the facts you may never have heard about. 1- The film marked the beginning of the third phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2- There were a couple of choices to portray the character of Spiderman, namely Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer. However, since Charlie was 17 he was not obliged to work more than a few hours under the child-labor law, therefore, Holland was given the job. 3- According to Joe Russo, Steve Rogers stopping the helicopter was the best…

Jason Blum: a Sequel to the Film Halloween Is in Pipeline

Jason Blum A Sequel to the Film Halloween Is in Pipeline

It has been not more than a few months since the film Halloween, a Hollywood blockbuster, was released during the horrendous traditional festival all across the United States. While a lot of the celebrants were busy visiting Halloween Costume Shop last year, Jason Blum, American producer and the CEO of Blumhouse, had already spent millions of dollars to produce the film Halloween which did pretty well at the box office. It eventually made around $253 million globally while receiving a positive review from the audience securing a score of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. In an attempt to give an extra dose of fun to the audience in spooky nights, the film was released during the Halloween celebrations forcing the horror-movie fans to rush to the…

Lost In Space: Season 2 Release Date

Lost In Space Molly Parker Parka Jacket

The second season of the famous TV series Lost In Space is still in the pipeline with almost most of the scenes shot already. Knowing the story of the Lost In Space is adapted from the two centuries old novel written in 1812 titled as The Swiss Family Robinson, makes the tv show more interesting as the story has been used in a number of shows in last four decades. For instance, after a couple of major remakes in 1998 and 2004, Netflix decided to come up with their own and made Lost In Space which has proved to be a widely acclaimed show liked all over the world. It’s due to its global fame and popularity that the second season is to be aired…



Venom did great at the box office and it was actually a hit of the year 2018. People loved it mainly because Tom Hardy was playing both the roles of Eddie Brock and Venom with complete perfection. From the Tom Hardy leather jacket to his acting skills, each and everything about this movie is just perfect. But there are a few things about Venom that were a little confusing and the audience misunderstood them. So, today in this article we thought to discuss the things everyone got wrong about the movie so that there’s no room for confusion left and people can easily get excited about the rumored sequel. THERE ARE MORE VENOMS OUT THERE : If you have been following the Marvel Comics for…


Timothee Chalamet Daniel Jacket

Timothee Chalamet, the young actor from Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, has got a lot going for him at the moment. And we are not just talking about his much-talked-about Oscar nods for the two movies just mentioned. He is well on his way to becoming a legitimate style icon. Already, the baby-faced actor is considered one of the best-dressed individuals in the world of showbiz at the moment. His red carpet style statements have certainly made a lot of us sit up and take notice. At just 22, his dressing shows a confidence and maturity way beyond his years, signified perfectly by the Hot Summer Nights Timothee Chalamet Jacket. He is talented, handsome, and dresses to impress. Every now and then,…

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