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Supergirl Vs Wonder Woman Measuring the Powers of Wonder Woman

Supergirl Vs Wonder Woman

Despite Marvel’s superiority at the stage of cinema, DC Comics is still not willing to let the former dominate. Undoubtedly, DC Studios lacks the ability to compete with Marvel Studios, but the game has not been over for the oldest comic publishing company which has been taking initiatives to outclass its long-time competitor. With the mega-success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Comics fans are wishing to see Supergirl and Wonder Woman together fighting each other in a bid to prove to be the most powerful female character ever. However, there is a question, what would happen if the two greatest superheroes come face to face with an intention to be victorious? Let’s find this out below in a detailed explanation while…

My Chemical Romance: The Rock Band’s Actual Romance with Fashion

My Chemical Romance: The Rock Band's Actual Romance with Fashion

My Chemical Romance, the Hard Rock band from Newark, United States, influenced the world of music from 2001 to 2013. From lead vocalist Gerard Way to James Dawees, every member of the band performed through the core of the heart. Their massive hits include Welcome to the Black Parade, Disenchanted, Na Na Na, Famous Last Words and The Ghost of You. Despite a number of songs like-never-heard-before, My Chemical Romance’s end was the saddest part of the history of America’s greatest modern rock music band. Famous around the world, one of the main reasons fans loved their music was the fact that it was written by them together. The music mainly focused on the problems they had been through their teenage and early adulthood. Despite…

4 Insanely Awesome Jackets from Thor’s Collection

4 Insanely Awesome Jackets from Thor's Collection

The Asgardian God of thunder is unlikely to shower mercy upon his enemies. One of the founding members of S.H.I.E.LD, the blonde bearded superhero fights for the cause of humanity whenever humans are in a troubled situation. Known as Thor Odinson, the notable figure from Asgard has probably the best superhero collection of all. Thor seems to be quite interested in vests rather than jackets which is one of the reasons we have seen him donning vests in most of the films. Despite being an unearthly creature, Thor has a little bit of knowledge to stylize casual wears just like any other fashion geek. This gives him an edge over other super beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who aren’t interested in varied clothing as…

Setting Up the Trend with These 4 Most Casual Attires from the Captain America Series

Setting Up the Trend with These 4 Most Casual Attires from the Captain America Series

Steve Rogers aka Captain America remained as the driving force behind S.H.I.E.L.D since its formation until the end of his life in the comic-based films produced under Marvel Studio’s banner. Leading the Avengers against the unearthly creatures and potential threats was surely a big responsibility for the blond bearded gentleman, but the decades-old guy has always found himself filled with courage and bravery to do the impossible. Apart from showing massive destruction and promoting patriotism, Captain America series has been exceptionally beneficial for those comic readers who are into the fashion stuff. To be specific, this article is an attempt to shed light on the fancy outerwear’s enough good to be a part of your closet. So, time to introduce some casual Jackets including a…

4 Super Wonderful Vests Donned by Marvel Characters in MCU

4 Super Wonderful Vests Donned by Marvel Characters in MCU

Having a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes us realize the presence of fashion in the costume of each and every character whether the heroes or the villains. Marvel Studios is known for bestowing far better costumes to its characters as compared to DC Films which is you witness more number of Halloween celebrants donning Marvel-inspired costumes in the costume party. Since most of us have been fed of jackets and coats, let’s take a look at the professionally designed Leather Vests donned by superheroes and super villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor The man who remained unbeatable and victorious during the Wakanda battle can never be subdued by the enemy forces at any cost.  Thor brings us the Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth…

Don’t You Dare to Ignore These 4 Awesome Outerwear’s for Halloween from Game of Thrones

Don't You Dare to Ignore These 4 Awesome Outerwear's for Halloween from Game of Thrones

We know Game of Thrones was the most-watched HBO series which was even able to catch the attention of the international audience from the Far East Asian countries to Latin America. The mega-series has finally come to an end but the fans are still interested in getting the Halloween Jackets and coats associated with the legendary characters appeared in the Television series. There may be a disagreement among the fans regarding the way got ended which caused hatred among the viewers against the writers and the makers. However, when it comes to Halloween celebrations, everybody is excited in representing their favourite character and forgetting their fate. Let’s skip the story line and avoid commenting on the plot to unlock the Got outerwear’s jackpot below. Jamie…

Acknowledging the Reasons Celebrities Are Dominating the Clothing Style of Ours

Celebrities Dominating the Clothing Style

The immense growth of the Hollywood film industry is surely responsible for the addition of some new and cool outerwear in the collection of many of you. From the very simple Billionaire Boys Club BBC Varsity Jacket to Tom Cruise’s blue slim fit outerwear, the unexpected and unpredictable invasion of the celebrity inspired wardrobes have left the fans with no option except to follow them blindly and passionately. As opposed to the 70s and 80s, today, the majority of the movie makers emphasise a great presentation of a certain character which includes a sensible wardrobe and a good look fit for the role. Unlike the late 80s, these days the particular way of stylising a wardrobe matters a lot to the fans and the general…

The Ultimate Star Wars Collection for Halloween

The Ultimate Star Wars Collection for Halloween

If you have been fed up of those Superman and Captain America costumes and rather want to have a change, you better embark on the mission to explore some extremely exciting and must-have jackets from The Star Wars series. Speaking of the Halloween celebrations, one should not stick to a few characters, but the thirst of exploring new characters should always be there as the majority of the celebrants usually prefer creativity and uniqueness rather than repeating the same thing over and over again. Here are 4 ultra-fancy Brown Leather Jackets from all the Star Wars films. Captain Cassian When it comes to assembling a brown outfit for the upcoming Halloween party, there can be nothing better than pairing up a brown jacket with a…

5 Denim Jackets to Simply Inspire the Critics

5 Denim Jackets to Simply Inspire the Critics

When it comes to your wardrobe choices, It is never unusual to receive negative remarks often from the ones constantly keep an eye at you including your close ones. Just don’t be degraded, it is never too late to make a few considerable changes to stop those unwanted comments from coming towards you. Let’s check out a set of denim jackets to give a blow to the unethical and ill-minded creatures, lol. Chris Hemsworth’s Grey Outerwear When disappointment hits you hard and you find no way to escape the state of helplessness, just take a look at celebrities and learn from their wardrobe choices. Take the Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth Jacket, it is a promising denim piece which looks fine for both formal and casual…

The Halloween Party: 5 Most Iconic Jackets to Have the Trademark Look of Captain America

The Halloween Party 5 Most Iconic Jackets to Have the Trademark Look of Captain America

When it comes to the superheroes, Steve Rogers aka Captain America has probably the largest fan base all around the world. Of course, Iron Man is perhaps the best rival to the Cap, but he is nowhere near Rogers whose fan base has grown rapidly specifically after he appeared on the screen for the very first time. Below are 5 massively awesome jackets to let you have the trademark look of the most popular Marvel figure in the upcoming Halloween themed costume party. The First on Screen Appearance of Steve Rogers The First Avenger Captain America Jacket is inspired by Cap’s costume when he stepped into the battlefield against the Nazi military and crushed the enemies instantly. This is when he categorically introduced his heroic…

4 Unmatchable Jackets from the Fast and the Furious

4 Unmatchable Jackets from the Fast and the Furious

From the calm yet charismatic nature of Dominic Toretto to the fierce personality of Hobbs, The Fast and The Furious has been offering the best dose of extreme entertainment to the passionate followers for almost a couple of decades. The raging car driving, hot wheels drifting, and countless stunts in each film, every aspect of the series is worth-admiring having a proper storyline with no loopholes to allow the critics to pass on negative remarks. Besides, the sizzling hot wardrobes of each and every character is just a way to go for. Below is 4 amazingly cool outerwears including a couple of Leather Jackets from the said film series that became a must-have thing for the fashion-loving fans. The Military Green Jacket Primarily speaking, It…

Unlocking the Strikingly Amazing Jackets Tom Cruise Wore in All Mission Impossible Films

Amazing Jackets Tom Cruise Wore in All Mission Impossible Films

While Tom Cruise is one of the highest-paid actors in the world’s greatest film industry, his movies have mostly been good enough to entertain his passionate followers. The American actor’s work in the Mission Impossible films is unquestionably a masterpiece whereas the way he has been seen dressed up in every single scene in the series is purely exceptional. Honestly, this 57 years old man knows better what to pair up with a Black Leather Jacket than most the guys today. If you are fond of having a glimpse of the past showing the voguish jackets Cruise worn in all parts of the said film, then this article is specifically written for you. The Wool-Made Outerwear We know one the most handsome men of his…

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