3 Most Fascinating Ideas To Wear Men’s Puffer Jackets This Season

men’s puffer jackets

Warm clothes are the basic necessity of human beings in the winter season, which means now it is the time to shop for some new clothes. Well, this means that we are talking about men’s puffer jackets. Another name of this type of  jackets is “down jackets”.

This type of uppers are specially designed to prevent its users from getting cold even in the coldest weather. These outerwears are also made for mountain climbers as the weather of such places is extremely cold. These uppers are very popular among travellers.

The pleasure of wearing such uppers doubles up when you already know how warm they are going to keep you even in the most chilling days. You can also wear these outerwears while riding a bike to prevent yourself from cold winds.

These uppers come in a variety of colors, being eye-catchy to everyone. The bright colors of these outerwears draw the attention of everyone towards you but in a positive way.

While wearing these uppers make sure you dress simple and then put on this blazer as such uppers look good on simple outfits.

Just because the main purpose of these outerwear  is to keep you warm and satisfying does not mean one can’t wear them on casual occasions. And trust us, no matter how expensive you have bought these uppers, you will feel blessed after experiencing them.

Well, here we are to recommend you three of the most amazing uppers to wear this winter. Here are the top three stylish uppers  and their styling. But before coming to our main topic, below are some additional details about our top three outerwears.

The Adorable A Christmas Story Christmas River Drosche Upper Look

men’s puffer jackets

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River Drosche is an eleven years old child artist who has appeared in a number of movies as well as in a TV series. The River Drosche puffer jacket is an adorable upper that is designed for kids. This awesome upper comes with a combination of grey, white and red color.

The external material of this outerwear is a parachute, while the inner part is made up of viscose lining. The closure style of this upper is zipped closure. And now, it is time to talk about the styling ideas to follow with this amazing outerwear. This upper also includes a hoodie making it look more adorable and warm.

Styling Method

Let us cover the styling method in a few steps given below:

  • You can wear a number of different color of t-shirts under the upper. Such colors can be black, blue and brown.
  • Grab blue jeans and keep it aside for later.
  • Let’s choose Wellington boots with this outerwear as they are very warm and comfortable.
  • You can also put on a small beanie, as it looks really good with this upper.
  • Now, gather all of these pieces, put them on along with your outerwear, and let the magic begin!

The Vibrant Until Money Do Us Part Sebastian Martínez Upper

Sebastian Martinez Until Money Do Us Part Blue men’s puffer jackets

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Sebastian Martinez is a versatile actor who has worked in a number of movies like La Pola and Rosario Tijeras.

The color of this Sebastian Martinez Puffer Jacket is enough to grab anyone’s attention, as the blue color of this outerwear is very vibrant and attractive. 

The main female character hits by a car in the beginning of the film. The character of her in the movie is of a sales manager. The story then continues when the humble nature of the driver makes the girl slowly falls in love with him.

This upper comes with an amazing color combination of blue, grey and white. The manufacturers of this upper have put parachute fabric on the outer part of this outerwear. And lastly, the collar type of this upper is the stand-up collar.

Styling Idea

Let us cover the styling idea of this jacket in the following steps:

This  jacket looks fabulous if worn with a blue checkered shirt. So get your hands on a blue checkered shirt.

  • After that, grab blue jeans and keep it aside for a few moments.
  • On step number three, you need to choose the most appealing footwear which will look fabulous with these pieces. We are talking about minimalist shoes as they will look perfect on this outfit.
  • Gather all of the above-mentioned pieces and wear them.
  • Finally, put on the most appealing jacket and amuse everyone with your look.

The Astonishing Contractor Chris Pine Puffer Jacket Look

The Contractor Chris Pine Blue Puffer Jacket

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Chris Pine is one of the main characters of this film. Chris is a versatile actor who has proved his acting skills by appearing in a number of hits. Now, it is the time to have an idea/ This film was released this year. The movie received a mixture of good and bad reviews from critics. This film did business of $2.1 million after its release. 

This blue jacket is a replica of Chris Pine’s character that he played in this movie.

This jacket is warm yet trendy and lets its users be fully satisfied with its material.

Now let’s move to the styling ideas of this Chris Pine Puffer Jacket There is also a hood attached to this jacket which adds more beauty to it.

Styling Way

You need to follow the given steps:

  • Pick a green t-shirt.
  • Take out your blue jeans.
  • Get your hands on any black casual shoes.
  • Incorporate all of the above-mentioned pieces and put them on.
  • This styling idea will add perfection to your look.

Additional Tips of Styling

You can also wear these jackets by simply wearing a high-neck jersey under them. This will finish the need of taking the trouble to wear a scarf around your neck to stay warm.

Always prefer wearing sleeveless shirts inside such jackets. The reason for doing it is that a sleeveless shirt will allow you to move your arms freely.


We are sure that we have guided you enough to get yourself a perfect look by wearing these three stylish puffer jackets.

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