4 Gifts To Work Out Of The Friend Zone This Valentine’s Day!

4 Gifts To Work Out Of The Friend Zone This Valentine's Day!

For many people, the holiday of valentines day is far from being a holiday. And there has to be a good reason for all of this. We normally think about all of the things that a couple can do during valentines day. But we seldom pay attention to those who are in the “complicated” phase of the relationship. There are many things in life that can be easy. But love, relationships and fashion are not one of them. Often, the people you fall in love with cannot say it out loud because that is what happens when you fall in love with your best friend. The happy comradery turning into love and then blossoming into something that actually makes your cheeks turn pink make it a beautiful emotion. But that is where the dilemma comes in. You have the hints, the silent gazes, but not the verbal confirmation. And we need verbal confirmation because this is a litigious society. 

So here is where Valentine’s Day Sale on Jackets comes in handy. This is a foolproof way of knowing whether or not your friend feels the same way about you. Gone are the days of worrying about ruining a good friendship. These jackets will help you in determining whether the one you have your heart set on really feels the same for you or not. First things first, you got to have plans for valentines day. And these plans can be anything. You can either go out to bowl in a platonic fashion. Or call your crush over to do a movie marathon. Anything that is light and subtle, so if things go south, at least you won’t look like you were trying too hard to have them as a romantic. 

Here is a comprehensive list for ima and her in regards to fashion. Gift them these jackets, and their positive reactions will take you from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship.”


  1. Titans Garfield Logan Jacket

Friendship entails that you take an interest in the things e is interested in. Although you might not always see eye to eye, if he likes a certain tv show, then it is your job to take an interest in it. And when you gift him with this Titans Garfield Logan Jacket on valentines day, he would surely know you have him in your mind and thoughts. The best part about this jacket is. First, it’s on sale. Secondly, it is an exact replica of what is seen on the big screen. It’s not a cheap-looking one. The fabric and seamless stitch of the jacket claim otherwise. The unique cuts will make sure our potential boyfriend would look at the top of his game. 

  1. Peter Quill Vest

It’s not necessary that your boyfriend to be would actually enjoy wearing a jacket. There are different people in this world. And each of them has their own preferences, which is not a bad thing. So if you often think about getting him the right gift to make him see you in a different light, then the Peter Quill Vest would be your best bet. The vest is a smooth-looking one. It will definitely add charm to his attire and make him look dashing. The vest is inspired by Peter Quill, who is a respected member of the guardians of the galaxy, which would definitely make you seem like you think your boyfriend is a respectable one too. Gift him this one whilst having guardians of the galaxy marathon!


  1. Emma Swan Red Leather Jacket

A lady is not always very clear about what she wants. She will give you subtle hints and gazes that will make you understand what she really wants. But even more confusing is for a man to know what the woman really wants. That is where the Emma Swan Red Leather Jacket comes into action. Get her this jacket for valentines day and sharply examine her facial expression. If her face lights up with the jacket, it means she was more than thrilled with the gift. And we are sure that part of the thrill would be the fact that you choose to give her this gift on valentines day. 

  1. Cheryl Cole Leather Jacket

Having a girl as your best friend is like having the best wingman amongst all lads. But many times, the thing that has always been there for you an elude your vision. That is where this jacket comes in. When you gift her the Cheryl Cole Leather Jacket, it will make her see things more clearly. She will start thinking about you more often. Her thoughts would start from, why did my friend gift me this jacket and that too, why did he do it on valentines day. And from experience, ladies will definitely overthink this situation. The jacket is inspired by fashion and holds no bias to the situation you are in. if she is not into you and does not give you a hint that she is waiting for you to make a move, then you can easily downplay it as a gift for your friend and only friend. 

What if things do not work out?

With all of these gifts that you can give to your friend, here is what you need to understand. Whether or not your crush would wholeheartedly accept you is not your problem. The biggest rule of being attractive is being sure of yourself. Are you sure that you truly deserve love? Do you love yourself enough? It all begins with you. Once you have determined your own self-worth, there is no stopping you. 

With all of these gifts, the next thing you need to do is work on are tiny gestures that will make them feel like you are the one who knows them the best. We recommend that you do not act discouraged even if you don’t get the reaction you were expecting. Don’t be afraid of adding a little music to the night, along with scented candles and chocolates. Don’t go for the flowers immediately. Best save that for the actual date. This valentines day is all about being courageous. Life is too short to not let the people you like know that they live rent-free in your head. Ahead of the milestone of fear is love. Love that will make you feel full, do so in style!

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