9 MOST Attractive Outfits For Young Guys | Back To School FIts

That’s right, boys. It’s time where you all dread its back-to-school season. That means you’re probably going to be coming into school. And you’re wondering what the hell should I buy? What the hell am I going to wear this year? We got you covered. These outfits are going to rank everything. From the dude’s who like to be dapper. To the people who want to be more casual than streetwear guys. That way, you’re going to be the most stylish guy on campus.

Your style is going to become untouchable, and everybody wants to be your friend. Because everyone wants to hang out with the super stylish kid. And if there is a girl you like and you always find her wearing a Women Kaneda Akira Jacket. We have something special for you too. So let’s have the 9 flabbergasting outfits you can wear to your school and be the alpha of the campus.

Comfort at its finest!

Let’s try some super comfortable things, like blue sweatshirts. Such shirts are always in style! Sweatshirts are super comfortable and something that you can wear all day long. And in casual settings that feel like you’re just lounging. That way, it won’t be dropping out of your pocket. These sweatshirts we’re going to combine with some long white tube songs, some Air Force ones. And of course just a regular long sleeve t-shirt. A long sleeve T or a sweatshirt is a super simple outfit. They are laid back but have all the correct details for the dude who wants to stand out.

A tale of Balenciaga and a jacket. 

We will begin making things a little bit more complex. We can throw on some Balenciaga speed trainers because today you feel like you want to flex, probably a special day. Maybe you’re going to be trying to get that girl’s number. I don’t know. To top it all off, we can throw on a black hoodie. We already know black on black on black is the way to go if you ever want to feel sexy that day. 

And then, just because you want to make it a little bit more complex, show your style! You can even throw a jacket on top of that! Let’s say it’s not that cold yet. Or maybe you live in Florida; you probably never layer like this. You could still layer smartly. Keep the black jeans, swap the sneakers for some white sneakers, throw on a white t-shirt and then swap the jacket for a Red Capsule Akira Kaneda Leather Jacket. This jacket is the ultimate badass look. Perfect if you want to be the person that just looks tough. When you make your style so versatile. Every athlete is different. You’re going to keep everybody on their toes; people are going to look up to you as a style icon in your school.

A hoodie for the soul!

Let’s move quickly. We got nine outfits. Let’s go to number three. Again, we’re wearing some sweatshirts here in the same style, but this time, maybe it’s a little bit cooler, a little bit more chilly, or you just want to relax. You don’t wanna put in too much effort, then throw on a black hoodie on top of it. It literally will feel like you’re covered in a blanket all day long, yet you look more stylish than 99% of your whole school campus. And, of course, the bottom half. It could be the same with some air force ones or some air maxes and long white tube socks. You get a very easy, comfortable load that will never feel out of place but is more stylish than everybody else. 

Rough and tough shoes.

Let’s dress things up because you’re not going to be dressing in sweats every single day for the school year; we got to keep these girls on their toes. We’re going to wear some basic jeans, nothing too crazy. Here you’re going to throw on some Chuck boots. Chuck boots are a great casual boot for younger guys, again, that you can wear to school without feeling out of place or like you’re dressing too nice. And then, on top of it all, you can throw on a polo shirt.

Back to school in denim!

Right now, we’re going to be wearing some torn jeans. Some basic high-top converses. It’s a very simple classic shoe that you should buy for back to school because it’s so easy to integrate with almost anything. And then to top it all off, a simple t-shirt a strong blue. So if you’re looking for colors that are a little bit stronger, they want to step outside the box a bit and still have that amazing fit from our bamboo tees that make men just look more muscular.

The chinos and the footwear

Then let’s move on to number six. We brought out the Balenciaga again, and this time we paired it with our chinos. When you see them, they look like chinos, but they fit and feel as comfortable as a regular jogger, and that’s the point of these dress pants so you can look good while being comfortable. And then through one of our essential long sleeves. The long blue-gray sleeve. It looks great. 

To dress it up with Polos!

Now we go on to seven boys. Again, we’re going to dress it up even a little bit more dressing than we did previously. Again polo shirts are crucial for students because these are just versatile. They’re not too dressy, but they’re dressier than Nike just to tease. All of your friends will be wearing some just regular brown chinos and making it more casual. Throw on some white sneakers, but this in and of itself, this is a dressy look. That’s going to set you apart and get eyeballs from everybody.

The light blues and deep blacks!

Then we went to number eight, where we got our new light blue chinos. These are our daily used chinos. We paired this look with the black hoodie. You will look chill yet comfortable. You aren’t going to look out of place. Too stuffy or like trying too hard. Yet, still, look better than probably 99% of all the students in your school. You can pair it with whatever sneakers you want. Some basic white sneakers. We’ll do it here because you don’t want to overcomplicate. 

Athleisure for those shoulders! 

Finally, number 9! Boys, let’s say you want to look a little bit more athletic. You want to look like a jock today even if you don’t play any damn sports. Here we got some Atlantic joggers from our collection as well. But these are essential track pants. Some nice tailored black track pants like these would be a perfect throw-on with some athletic sneakers and a basic t-shirt. And now you get an athleisure look without trying too hard that is super comfortable, and it makes you look like an athlete, like a star.

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