A Compilation of Hallmark’s Christmas Movies 2020

Christmas Eve Sales.

Like always, Hallmark is returning to the mainstream with their compilation of Christmas specials this year too. Giving us a delightful experience on holiday every year, the channel is not willing to make us bored this time also. With the introduction of many new faces in their classics, the masterminds behind Hallmark give us another option to keep ourselves busy other than Christmas Eve Sales. Let’s have a look at some adorable movies that they have come up with so far.

Deliver By Christmas:

In the film, the handsome widow figure, Eion Bailey, is in the quest of throwing the most enjoyable holiday surprise for his son. The movie looks like a merger of You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle with the addition of just the right amount of delight. Eion then finds a new friend virtually in the process, Alvina August, who happens to be a baker left at the altar. Their friendship prospers, and over time, it got so intense that they keep coming across in real life. And then we all know what is going to happen… a start of the cutest love story ever!

Five Star Christmas:

It is the definition of fun. The movie stars our favorite, Bethany Joy Lenz, who has not failed to impress her with her star-stellar performance as Lucy. She is portrayed as the lady trying to assist her father to beat a travel expert when the entire face of her home turns into a place for bed and breakfast. The fun part begins when her family members disguise different roles of chefs, guests, and others. The romance comes into play when Lucy meets a mysterious guest, and Victor Webster plays Jack. Now, you can guess what will happen next.

Holly & Ivy:

This movie is just so adorable. The story orbits around a woman who has spent her whole life in foster care; and is now dreaming of pursuing the career of a librarian and having her own home. There is an ill mom worried about the future of her two daughters living in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, a handsome furniture maker is trying all his best to make his parents happy by compromising for an undesired profession. Both meet, share their problems, and we all know where it will lead; something really sweet! The main cast includes Marisol Nichols, Jeremy Jordan, and our very own Janel Parrish.

The Christmas Bow:

Too much music and songs are the trademarks of Hallmark. But gratitude towards The Christmas Bow for giving us something that is not too melodic to hear. The tremendous talent of Lucia Micarelli has saved us big time in this movie. The movie stars Michael Rady as the main protagonist, and nothing could be better than this!

On the 12th Date of Christmas:

The lead character, Tyler Hines, is surprising the audience in this movie, too (like he ever fails, duh). The plot revolves around designing a scavenger hunt based on the romantic concept of 12 Days of Christmas. Two players have to strive with each other for this, and the chemistry that is portrayed between them… outstanding! Mallory Jansen and Hine both have nailed it with their performance as two adult work-colleagues who are keeping their goals priority and working together.

One Royal Holiday:

Aaron Tveit is appearing as a singing prince to steal your heart once again! He is coming to the screens, and his fellow stars Laura Osnes and the very talented Victoria Clark. We hope to see classic performances by all these amazing actors in One Royal Holiday, because why not? It’s a royal Tveit!

Cranberry Christmas:

Nikki DeLoach could eat all the candy canes, and we will not even question her — we love her this much. She appears as a version of Joanna Gaines, whose life is distributed between her struggling marriage and career. The movie looks so fun and interesting, with a little hint of inspiration for handling the problems life throws at us. Proving everyone wrong with her talent, Nikki is going to keep us all entertained!

So, which movie has impressed you the most? No matter what you have chosen, they all are masterpieces and the thing that is going to keep you distracted from spending bucks on the Christmas Eve Sales. Merry Christmas!

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