Unique ways to Rock your Bomber Jacket Outfit: 3 Amazing Winter Bomber Jackets for Women

winter bomber jackets

Are you looking for one of the best bomber jackets to get your hands on this winter? Then you have come to the right place as we are here to guide you completely with everything. Winter Bomber jackets also look fabulous as a bike riding outfit. So here we have picked up top 3 bomber jackets to buy this season.

The Adorable Wednesday Jenna Ortega Bomber Jacket Look

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Bomber Jacket
winter bomber jackets

Jenna Ortega jacket is a very adorable upper which is a replica of the famous young actress Jenna Ortega from the series Wednesday. Jenna has worked in a number of movies proving herself as one of the best actresses of this generation. Wednesday is her recent t.v series in which she has performed really well as all the other movies she as done.

Its time to know a little bit of Jenna Ortega Bomber jacket. This upper comes in black color. The fabric of this upper is really soft. Now, let’s talk about the possible ways to wear this jacket.

Styling Method

The styling methods of this upper can be defined in the following steps:

  • This upper can be worn with a white t-shirt inside. So grab a simple yet bright white t-shirt, and keep both of these things at a side for later.
  • This upper looks best when worn with black linen pants. The soft fabric of linen lets its users stay comfortable all the time.
  • Now it’s the time to choose the right type of footwear. White minimalist sneakers will work magically with all these pieces.
  • And in the last step, put on all the above-mentioned pieces together, and create the best look.

The Chic Kate Upton Astros Bomber Jacket Style

ALCS Kate Upton Houston Astros Bomber Jacket
winter bomber jackets

On number 2, we have Kate Upton Bomber Jacket. Kate Upton is a stunningly beautiful American model. The real name of Kate is “Katherine Elizabeth Upton”. No matter whenever Kate makes an appearance, she sizzles in every look of her. 

The bomber jacket that we are going to talk about is which she wore in ALCS. Let us have a look at the description of this jacket. This is a warm bomber jacket having viscose lining inside, making it more satisfying in the winter. This upper is a beautiful combination of blue, orange and white. The combination of these three colors looks very eye-catchy and vibrant. It has a ripped color style. Now, let’s move to the styling of this jacket.

Styling Method no.1

Follow the given steps below to look enchanting in this multi-color ALCS jacket.

  1. You can wear this amazing jacket with blue jeans, which means now you need to take out your blue jeans from your wardrobe (as everybody already has blue jeans in their cupboard).
  2. After that, you need to get a high-neck yellow jersey. Wear inside this bomber jacket. It will give you a bright and nice look.
  3. You can also carry a brown handbag with it.
  4. You can wear white minimalist sneakers, as they will look just perfect with this attire.
  5. If you are done gathering everything. Now it’s time to rock this outfit!

Styling Method no.2

The second styling method to follow is when you want to go on a casual outing.

Let us take a look at the steps one by one.

  1. Get your hands on a white t-shirt and put it on under the jacket.
  2. You can also wear this jacket with yellow cotton pants.
  3. After that, grab a pink handbag. It will turn your look into barbie’s, making you look beautiful just like a barbie.
  4. Repeat the same shoes that we suggested to you in “styling method no.1”.
  5. Put on all these pieces, and you are ready to go!

 The Incredible Jack Skellington Bomber Jacket Style

Jack Skellington Black Bomber Leather Jacket
winter bomber jackets

Before moving on to the styling method, firstly, let us have a look at the character from who the idea of this jacket is taken. Jack Skellington is a fictional character of an animated movie, “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

In this movie, it is shown that the skeleton is alive. The outfit he wore in this movie is a black suit with white stripes on it. When the creative team of this film was deciding it’s costume, they had decided to give it a complete black suit. But later, due to some reason, they changed it in the way, we can see him in the movie.

Jack also has a dog called Zero. Jack Skellington is a famous fictional character which used to be printed on several things which the fans of him used to buy.

Here is a little detail about this jacket. This jacket is made up of real leather having the logo of Jack Skellington on its back.

Now, let’s come to the styling method of Jack Skellington bomber jacket

Styling Method

  1. The best combination to wear this jacket is to wear it with basic blue jeans. This combination gives a look of bikers’ attire.
  2. Grab a pair of normal-sized black shiny boots to slay girls.
  3. The most important thing that you gotta wear with all these things. A nicely printed red bandana to finish your look.
  4. You can also wear small golden earrings with this outfit. 

The Bottom Line

In today’s conversation, we have suggested the top three winter bomber jackets for women which are a must-have for you! So hurry up, and get them before the offer ends!

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