Best Blazers for Men that Work Casually and Formally Both

Best Blazers for Men that Work Casually and Formally Both

Are you confused about your wardrobe staples? Are you stumped about your formal and casual top-layer choices? If so, this guide is a perfect piece for you to move forward from this difficult choice. There is a bonus in the shape of styling tips too!

Formal Blazers

Primary cuts and a robust masculine fit of a dark-hued blazer is always a sight to behold. It is considered a men’s closet staple for a reason. Blazers for men are way different from your typical suit top-layer that comes with a monotonous pair of matching trousers. It is a standalone clothing piece, which provides much more comfort than any other outerwear.

They are usually found in thicker fabrics as well as in a wide range of materials. A blazer is your best bet for a semi-formal event, from numerous patterns and textures to countless designs and features. Since it resides below the suit jacket and above the sports one, you can dress it up or down according to your needs.

Since the beginning, blazers for men have had their traditional and classic qualities. This garment is famous for its flexibility for all seasons. It also promotes a causal formal mixture that often neglected by offering a sharp and striking palette that works smoothly with all weather conditions. To maximize the laid back nature of these amazing top-layers, stick to the classic single-breasted ones. While a double-breasted piece has its perks and looks even more classic, it is in no way a competitor to its counterpart. They both have their best features!

More often than not, men are generally confused about pairing their blazer with the right inners. It leads them to avoid wearing this fantastic piece of clothing and leaving their top-layer, acquiring dust in the closet. It will only bring more boring styles on your radar if you skip all the fun options! 

When you need to look cut-throat, you better opt for business wear. A well-tailored blazer works ideally in formal situations, even if you are up for flaunting a blazer. Another option you have is selecting a blazer with a double-breasted front to take things above casual.

With this classic look, you can even add some extra features in your blazer for men.

A white dress shirt and a classic navy blazer are enough to turn some heads around. Make sure you have everything in your wardrobe when the winter season hits, such as a classic blazer. Since they have value in formal and casual events, they require better care to make them work longer than the rest of your apparel.

Plaid pants, grey trousers in wool, and black pants are a perfect option for your formal outings. While subtle shades of chinos are considered a little casual, they are still more formal than other alternatives. Blazers for men are enough to make your look above the bar with their sophisticated charm and style!

You can manage anything while flaunting a blazer. To say that a blazer limits your access would only mean that you haven’t come across a mind-blowing piece yet. From attending a corporate event to attending a casual lunch, a blazer is all-set to help you create a long-lasting impression. It also has paved the way for artists to show their creativity in a very sophisticated manner!

Casual Blazers

A couple of decades ago, blazers only came in thick and boring designs, making them a boring staple. However, recent fashion guides have changed the scenario dramatically. Blazers are blazing into a whole new range of categories with their merging boundaries of formal and casual vibes!

While men with great taste have a ton of trendy additions in their seasonal wardrobes, the informal ones are a completely different ball. That’s the reason why we see an increasing number of men sporting these. If you are trying to explore this range, we have everything a beginner needs to know about wearing a blazer for men casually.

A single buttoned style of the blazer is one of the creative apparel that will make your wardrobe stand out with minimal efforts. Keep things smart by pairing it with a laid back inner and footwear. You do not want to bring stiff accessories with your comfortable blazer to ruin the whole vibe. While a double-breasted front is considered more classic and traditional, it also has its separate list of perks!

Blazers for men are not always in solid colors. Stripes, plaids, and embroideries are becoming more common among men because of the experimenting with blazers. It has become super easy to complement a look with a blazer because of their flexible exteriors!

The great versatility of the men’s blazer truly shines when you have to go to more than one place in a day and do not feel like running home to change after every single errand. Such apparel is not only hard to miss but typically very hard to resist as well. Invest in something that is going to give you as much as you put in it. A blazer is precisely that piece, and you can enjoy the compliments for a very long time if you take care of your favorite piece!

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