Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey is the epitome of ART!

Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey is the epitome of ART!

Let’s hear from the designer about the magic of her craft!

It’s no easy feat to create the appearance for not just one but an entire crew of DC’s most famous characters, but costume designer Erin Benach is known to do it all. Thus taking up the challenge to design costumes for Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn was an enthralling experience for her. Which allowed her to give Harley Quinn her moment to shine while wreaking havoc around crime-ridden Gotham. Of course, the wild joyride that is Harley and her merry squad of butt-kicking ladies has quickly become a go-to for cosplayers. And surely it was Erin’s unrivaled artistic firepower that gave us the most unforgettable bits we see streaming into conventions all over the world.

Erin is literally making Harley Quinn costume SHINE.

Erin’s artistic origins centered around concentrating on the characters themselves, saying, “I fell into costume design because it suited what I liked, making a look for a character without even being obsessed about trends.” The best thing is just diving into their universe,” she says. When Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey hits home viewing and streaming, we spoke with her about her artistic process, favorite memories, and the effect she’s had on the cosplay world with Harley Quinn’s birds of prey suit.

This is Undoubtedly the best movie In Terms of Costumes!

Please excuse our short, almost monosyllabic analysis of Margot Robbie’s “Birds of Prey”: It’s a kickass, enjoyable, and extremely hot, but never male-gaze-y journey. Erin Benach’s exciting costumes, which have actually provided the high-concept style, i.e., “Neon Demon,” “Drive,” character-driven fantasy film (“Loving”), and a reinterpretation of an Old Hollywood masterpiece, are no exception; A Star is Born,” starring another red carpet icon Lady Gaga.

From the titular character’s technicolor fringe to Cassandra Cain’s sporty, cool-kid attire, the wardrobes in “Birds of Prey” serve to support the joyride of a story and the irresistible characters. However, both on-screen and behind-the-scenes, it’s clear that fashion had a significant impact on the film.

Benach says, “I looked to street and current fashion because it seemed right for this film.” “I don’t really do that,” she says, “but I thought it was a good way to bind people to these characters.” Plus, what’s more, relatable to audiences than a breakup with a toxic, both literally and figuratively in Harley Quinn’s case, partner?

The Relishing Costumes blend well with Story!

The Joker is absent from the film, which focuses on a newly emancipated Harley struggling to rediscover herself and pursue a legitimate vocational calling. She meets up with a group of similarly formidable and driven women, each with their own distinct sartorial and fighting styles, who have fallen afoul of Roman Sionis, the underworld boss of Gotham City, which is a scenery-masticating Ewan McGregor preening in the jauntiest suits.

“There was just a sense of female camaraderie,” Benach says, “and that was the vibe of the movie: the girl gang.” “It comes from a place of joy, independence, democracy, and celebration, and Harley has to be the king.”

With co-producer Robbie, scriptwriter Christina Hodson, and director Cathy Yan, the second woman after Patty Jenkins and the first Asian American woman to direct a DC film, the girl-gang principle dominated behind the camera as well.

Harkey Quinn, the Exclusive QUEEN!

Harley insists she wants to “forge an identity; a new me” after her post-breakup bender at Roman’s disco, but she must keep true to herself and the initial source content. As a result, Benach revamped Harley’s outfits with a combination of modern and old “motifs” and textures, thus creating birds of prey Harley Quinn blazer.

Harley lets off steam as a roller hockey plodder in a rushed montage. Benach keeps her classic black and red color range and stars but adds fire to the side panels to refresh the theme. The costume designer put together a mood board of “cool ’70s-inspired” roller girl and auto racing-themed fashion editorials, including one featuring Cat McNeil in a wide-belted racing leotard from Vogue Mexico’s April 2015 issue, one featuring Luna Bijl from Vogue Paris’ March 2017 issue, and the BB Dakota holiday 2015 lookbook.

Another theme is torn yellow and black police “caution” tape, which Harley’s plastic raincoat highlights in an eruption of banger-ready streamers and fringe. “I saw crime scenes everywhere Harley goes,” Benach says, “from the trail of the devastation she leaves — or maybe even meet.” “She doesn’t give a damn about police warning tape or anything like that.”

Birds of Prey is a benchmark of costume designing!

The costume designer explains, “There was this inner kid to Harley Quinn that we cherished and loved to tap into.” “‘You know, Harley can just stroll down the lane, put her hand in a shop window, and grab whatever she wants,’ Margot said when she first told me about Harley. That’s how we were thinking about it.”

Benach designed the birds of prey Harley Quinn blue jacket, as well as the personalized slouchy graphic shirt, striped denim cut-offs with suspenders, and velvet sports bra, to match Harley’s pink and teal color scheme. Her white booties with a wedge heel are magnificent, and they’re perfect for hand-to-hand fighting and shooting up Gotham PD HQ with her beanbag and confetti-filled “Fun Gun.”

The seamless design is a perfect fit for Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is indeed a wild card, so it’s only natural that her style is as well. If she appears to be as engaging a character as Harley Quinn, even the Joker’s latest girlfriend, Punchline, will have her look altered and modified. Time can say, but one thing is certain: the look of a snug black dress over a torn-up purple bodysuit and black boots is not going to last. Even the notorious crappy boyfriend has been through a few wardrobe changes, so don’t get it twisted. Women’s attire will still be a source of contention. The look that Jared Leto’s Joker wore drew a lot of criticism, but it wasn’t nearly as harsh as the criticism directed at female characters and their outfits.

That is ALL!

All of this is to say that Erin Benach, Margot Robbie, and Cathy Yan’s interpretation of Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey should be avoided. The bold and dazzling fashion is ideal for the new independent woman navigating Gotham’s criminal underbelly. From her characterization to her clothes, Harley is a character of infinite possibilities. I, for one, am thankful for the unexpected, and Margot Robbie will slay in everything she wears.

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