Everyone is aware of the popular Netflix show Money heist and its characters. The show created a lot of hype throughout the globe. With its four seasons being released, the show is a hit. During the pandemic, it got popular and became the most binge-watch show for everyone. This is a Spanish show Money Heist which is also named “LA CASA DE PAPEL.” This show received loved from its audience because of its thrilling storyline, as the theme of this show is the Heist. Another reason for receiving much love from the audience of the show is the cast of famous characters like Alvaro Morte AKA Professor, Paco Tous AKA Moscow, Ursula Corberó AKA Tokyo, Alba Flores AKA Nairobi, Pedro Alonso AKA Berlin, Miguel Herrán AKA Rio, Jaime Lorente AKA Denver, Darko Peric AKA Helsinki, Esther  Acebo AKA Mónica and many more. 

The story of La Casa De Papel revolves around the Heist, robbery, and criminal activities that make the show different and pretty interesting. Alvaro Morte portrayed the main character of the show, which is the Professor. He is the one who comes up with the plan for the Heist and criminal activities. Professor gathered eight people from different places who had nothing to lose in their lives. He named them with different cities, like Denver, Berlin, Nairobi, Moscow, etc. All characters have their own weakness as they all have their strength. The aim of the Professor was to avoid any kind of attachment, and for this, he didn’t reveal anyone’s real name.  

The first Heist they planned went successful, but they also lost their two squad members named Moscow and Oslo. Inspector Raquel investigated this Heist, who later fell in love with the Professor and became part of the squad in the second Heist. The audience adored and loved the Money Heist characters for their performance.

The characters of the show looked significantly intriguing due to their La casa de Papel outfits. It was the Red Dali costume jumpsuit that became the wellspring of getaway and haggling with the police. The crowd valued the Money Heist costume and just as the pundits.


The creator selected the Money Heist cast wisely. All the characters in this series have their own duties and responsibilities, which make them unique in their own way. Theirs outwears also make them different from each other like their duties make them different. Here are some main characters of this series that are different and highlight them. 


The Professor is an exemplary brain and tactician who is consistently 5 strides in front of any circumstance he has arranged. He is focused, brilliant, careful, and he has the laser-centered assurance to accomplish his vision. In the wake of making an arrangement, the Professor enrolled his fantasy group and energized them towards a shared objective. Professor caused everybody to follow a severe timetable and painstakingly arranged with the group all potential situations that could occur in the Heist. His skill and initiative attribute fabricated trust to the arrangement. 

The Professor’s cool, quiet, and gathered disposition settled group clashes during the activity and took everybody back to the arrangement. The equivalent empowered the teacher to settle on significant choices when circumstances turned out badly. In Money Heist, professors wore a specific outwear which makes him fit in his character perfectly plus makes him look like a classy and simple man. He looks simple, so no one could trigger him for any heist, although he is the master planner of every Heist. He commonly wears a Professor Alvaro Morte vest which makes him look professional. If you want to look like the Professor, you can also go for this vest pairing with formal clothes. It will look stunning in-office meetings and any other professional dine-outs.  


Many fans disdain Tokyo and think about her as the most fragile connection of the gathering. She is erratic, passionate, imprudent, and foolish that continually positions herself and the group in a tough situation. Directly toward the beginning, she was quick to disrupt the norms when she engaged in extramarital relations with Rio, which made things more muddled. Her indiscreet demeanor brought about the main shoot-out with the cops that harmed Rio. She and Berlin didn’t come well, regularly scrutinized his choices, and followed her own specific manner more often than not. 

Tokyo starts to go amiss from the arrangement and follows what she believes is better. Regularly it might bring about issues since the colleagues are not educated regarding the distinction between what was arranged and what the Tokyo carried out. Tokyo’s character is the most flighty character. As she does what she needs to do. Regardless of the clash, her colleague looked after that. The more reckless her character is, the more stunning her outfits are. She wore the best top layers in this series which highlights her character more. Many individuals love Tokyo’s character as she is fearless and confident about what she is doing. Fans love her outfits’ collection too. In the series, she wore the most eye-catching top layer that is the Tokio Cafe Racer jacket which enhances her appearance more in the series. 

You can also wear this jacket however you want to, and you can pair it with many dresses as it looks chic and adds glam. This jacket gives you all the feels of being stylish. 


Raquel Murillo was approached on her vacation day and requested to be the arbitrator of the Heist happening at the Royal Mint. She concurred and advised the administrator to send a vehicle, and they told her that it’s as of now outside. From this, we can deduce that Raquel was a trusted and popular Inspector. 

All through the Heist, she was answerable for haggling with The Professor. Despite being more than a skilled specialist, she is deceived by The Professor. Who draws nearer to her under his bogus character of Salva Martín to influence the police movement. In spite of the fact that she, in the long run, sees through the stratagem. She goes gaga for him, and they pursue away together with the finish of the Heist. Murillo turns out to be essential for the gathering of burglars as they set up a subsequent heist. This time focusing on the Bank of Spain and stays at the Professor’s side as he starts working in the background once more. 

Raquel is solid and quiet. She stands her ground in the male overwhelmed Police Corps. She was answerable for haggling with The Professor. However, Raquel can likewise be controlled. Alberto Vicuna manhandles Raquel, which influences her fearlessness. The Professor utilized this information for his potential benefit during the exchange. Raquel wore a particular Raquel Murillo Money Heist jacket which is the most staggering one. You can likewise wear it as it is formal. You can wear it with any conventional dress.


Denver was one of the looters taking an interest in the Royal Mint of Spain heist close by his dad, Agustín Ramos (Moscow). His dad welcomed Denver to join the Heist because of certain issues that he was having with traffickers. During the Heist, Moscow uncovers reality with regards to Denver’s mom, bringing about contention and crack in their relationship. Be that as it may, he is pardoned in the blink of an eye subsequently when The police shoot Moscow kicks the bucket in the wake. 

He is hot-headed, however, displayed to have a touchy side when he decides to secure prisoner Mónica Gaztambide as opposed to discarding her as trained by Berlin. Denver wore an exceptional coat that is a Jaime Lorente leather jacket, which is an astonishing one. In the event that you love Denver, you should attempt it. You can combine it with any outfit. It will look astonishing. 


Mirko Dragic, for the most part, known by his false name Helsinki, is one of the fundamental characters in the Netflix series Money Heist, depicted by entertainer Darko Perić. He is one of the burglars of the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. In the Royal Mint heist, Helsinki was essentially accountable for looking after the prisoners, prodding Arturo, and talking with Oslo. In the subsequent season, he choked out Oslo, who was in a vegetative state. The Professor initiates Helsinki, notwithstanding seven different burglars, including his cousin Oslo. He was liable for making the Professor’s Seat Ibiza vanish after Tokyo and Rio utilized it to go to the Museum of the Factory. The Professor gave him 1,000 euros to pay the representatives of the junkyard to annihilate it before him. 

On Sunday, 23 October, the Professor called the team through the red phone to inquire as to whether he had without a doubt annihilated the vehicle. In any case, the vehicle was, in reality, still unblemished and in a scrapyard. Helsinki sent the cash to his family and, on second thought, showed the Professor a photograph of another vehicle. This drives the Professor away from his nest and goes to the scrapyard to delete any proof before the police show up. He is likewise the most adoring person by the crowd. He likewise wore the best outfits in the series. The most dazzling one is the Darko Peric Jacket which is the most staggering one and looks good. You can combine it with any outfit in the proper wear.

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