14 Best Characters From Money Heist

14 Best Characters From Money Heist

It’s been thrilling to follow the Professor and his gang on Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). As if La Casa De Papel Dali Costume Jumpsuit wasn’t enough to keep the spectators on loop, it had every ounce of suspense. Let’s rate the show’s finest characters! The program follows a genius named The Professor as he plans and performs two massive heists with a crew of thieves who have all taken on the identities of well-known towns.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a perfect score. The program received no negative feedback from critics. That’s incredible!  All thanks to Money Heist Costumes and its characters. Money Heist has a cast of characters that you either admire or despise, and they’ve been evolving in fascinating and surprising ways. Regardless of how you feel about them individually, the program would be incomplete without them. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the show’s finest characters!

The show grew in popularity well beyond anyone’s expectations and owing to Money heist outfits. Viewers can binge-watch the entire new season in a single sitting. We couldn’t just let the incident pass us by without revisiting this list. Enjoy!


In terms of driving the story ahead, an angel didn’t have anything to offer. He was just kind of there, following Raquel about like a lost puppy, hoping she’d fall in love with him. And, while his unrequited love predicament should have earned him compassion from the viewers, he simply wasn’t lovable enough. He could’ve been a huge help in catching the Professor if he’d had his wits about him and actually done his job. Instead, he became inebriated and smashed his vehicle. 


On the other hand, Oslo didn’t shine as brightly as the other members of the original gang. We’re still disappointed that we didn’t see much more of Oslo and his connection with Helsinki since there was so much promise there. But, in the end, he made too many blunders that compromised the Professor’s grand plan, and he died as a result of them. For being such a nice sport, he still deserves a position on the list!


Moscow deserves so much more than he received. One of the most touching aspects of the program was his bond with his kid, and his death scene has limitless tear-jerking potential. Hailing from a difficult family, Moscow had to make difficult choices in order to care for Denver. On the program, his role left a vacuum that no one has been able to fill – and hopefully, no one will attempt.

Mónica Aka Stockholm

Mónica got off to a shaky start. At the very beginning we knew her as Arturuto mistress but later on, her character grew to be much stronger.  Audiences quickly warmed up to Mónica as the play proceeded. Although her love story with Denver is dubious, it’s nonetheless fascinating for its complexities. Mónica eventually joins the group and chooses to raise her child with Denver. She showed her dedication and respect for the crew throughout the performance and is deserving of a spot on our list.


Rio is hired because of his astonishing hacking talents. But he looks to be overwhelmed by the illicit life. He’d rather be on his computer, playing Mortal Kombat. However, he is crucial to the storyline. He nearly surrenders to the cops at one point. But he needs to remain since he is in love with one of the gang members named Tokyo. The audience managed to build a love-hate relationship with Rio due to his negligence in keeping the gang’s identity a secret. 

He is the first to be apprehended at the start of the third season. It all happened when Interpol tracks his whereabouts via a phone conversation. The authorities tortured him in an attempt to compel him to reveal the identities of the other thieves. This compels everyone to emerge from their opulent hideaways in order to save him.


Moscow introduced Denver to the world of heists. Who left the mining profession owing to low pay. During the theft at the Royal Mint, he falls for Monica, one of the captives (who also happens to be Arturo, the mint’s director’s mistress). Monica, in a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome, falls for him as well. Monica joins the robbers after falling completely in love with him. The happy couple decides to raise Monica’s kid from her romance with Arturo together after the successful theft at the Royal Mint. Monica adopts the name of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital when the group reunites to loot the Bank of Spain. Ha! Very imaginative. 

Inspector Raquel Aka Lisbon

She does, however, fall in love with the clever criminal after numerous interactions with him. Later, she accompanies the robbers and takes the alias Lisbon. Raquel provides the majority of the show’s human components. She is living proof that love can strike when you least expect it and drive you insane. She eventually retires from police enforcement and begins working for The Professor. She stays by his side during the third season as he controls and observes the workers from a concealed position.


Helsinki, a veteran Serbian soldier, is the group’s muscle. He has a tough-guy demeanor and does his best to keep the hostages in line. Darko Peric, who portrays Helsinki, began his profession as a dentist before moving on to acting and teaching at a film school. In comparison to someone like Berlin, Helsinki is likable because, despite being a large guy with war experience, he doesn’t come off as a bully. He gets along swimmingly with the rest of the staff. Later in the series, he also emerges as gay.


Nairobi, a master of minting and forging, was charged with ensuring that the money created during the Royal Mint robbery was of the greatest quality. She was a mother and a reasonably disciplined individual who always performed admirably. She is shot by a police sniper at the end of the third season. It happened after Inspector Sierra lures her into peering through the window to see her son. It is still unknown whether she will live or die. We can guarantee, though, that she is dead because of showrunners of excellent TV programs like murdering off characters. Why do decent people suffer from poor luck?


Arturo has vowed to dethrone Tariq as the most irritating TV character. It’s his irritating habits, though, that makes him such a fascinating character. You pray that someone punches him in the face every minute he appears. He talks excessively and is impetuous in a way that is inconvenient to the other captives. After the first theft, he even tries to become renowned by publishing a book that depicts him as the rescuer. And for the second theft, he willingly returns to the Bank of Spain to recreate the event. 

Inspector Alicia Sierra

Although she is nasty, there are many reasons to admire her. Inspector Sierra, while being pregnant, causes havoc for The Professor and his team. She seems to be the only law enforcement officer who succeeds in outwitting him and causing him to lose his temper. She not only dupes Nairobi into approaching a window at The Bank of Spain and then commands the sniper to kill her, but she also dupes The Professor into believing Raquel is killed. Sierra is a character that should have been presented sooner, given how cunning she is.


Tokyo is charming, intelligent, and on top of that, she is blessed with a Tokio Cafe Racer Jacket. She also acts as the show’s narrator. Despite her bad manners, The Professor admires her. She was among the first individuals that The Professor recruited for his goal. It was evidenced that she was one of the first people he recruited for his purpose. Her obstinacy, on the other hand, tends to generate problems for the group. The authorities are alerted about her whereabouts in the third season. All due to her choice to leave Panama, where she had been hiding with her boyfriend Rio. All thanks to Rio! As the members who were living peacefully were compelled to reunite for another heist.


The Professor’s half-brother Berlin served as the crew’s second in command during the theft at the Royal Mint of Spain. It’s rare to come across TV characters that are both obnoxious and fascinating, but Berlin was the ideal example. He was endearing and pompous at the same time. When Berlin and Professor sing the Italian revolutionary song Bella Ciao, it is one of the most unforgettable scenes in the series. As Berlin, Andrés de Fonollosa gives a fantastic performance. He makes the ultimate sacrifice such that his fellow gang members can live. And surely he succeded in doing so. 

The Professor

If they lived in the same age, Albert Einstein would be envious of this man. All criminal masterminds, no doubt, aspire to have a mind like his. The Professor is simply too clever as the mastermind behind the heists at the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. He considers himself a master of deception since he constantly manages to deceive the authorities.

He is a perfectionist who has everything planned out to the smallest detail. However, the authorities managed to outsmart him. Right after, they duped him into thinking they had assassinated his beloved Raquel. However, there’s a good possibility that he’ll win next season.

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