Motorcycle Jackets – A Staple Piece of Mens Closet!

motorcycle jackets for men

Menswear since ages has been revolving around fewer items as compared to women’s. But this in no way means that men get to have a limited experience of fashion. The wide variety in menswear remains unparalleled even when compared to their counterparts. This specially curated motorcycle jackets guide will help you explore the numerous perks of dapper menswear! 


Cafe Racer Jackets 


Starting with the biggest subtype of biker jackets, Cafe Racer is now known as a distinct type of jackets. With a fan following spread throughout the globe, this exquisite range of jackets is widely appreciated for its practical efficiency. 


The history of these jackets dates back to when the lands we now use to flaunt our trends were used as war grounds. When soldiers came back from WWII, they were seen racing on their bikes for leisure. The Cafe Racer origin was a means to provide them a better top layer with high functionality. After all, who would want to wear thick layers on their comfortable outfits only to make sure they stayed safe. The men who wore these jackets in the start were rowdy, full of testosterone, and brimming with the rage of war, so this apparel quickly caught on fire and became a favorite among them for its dapper looks. 


Cafe Racer motorcycle jackets for men are now mostly used as fashion statements and have long forgotten the sole need to provide efficiency to the racers. Though some people still use them on tracks, they are not restricted anymore. Hailing from the peak times of the 70s, they possess the stealth and shine of an electric persona of a speed-demon. 


Brown Motorcycle Jackets


Black on black looks less appealing when you explore the horizon of different shades. Brown stands out naturally because of its standard shade as well as its neutral tones. The high-end touch that a brown jacket provides is matchless in menswear. It brings you closer to the casual side and manages to tweak it with formal vibes too. 


Your happy-go-lucky aura intensifies with a subtle brown shade when you pair it with the right accessories. Every season calls for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin from summer to winter. Brown motorcycle jackets for men tend to do this job quite effortlessly. These are the true definition of smart casuals with their blend of sophisticated touches and informal hues. 


Pulling these jackets at work is also an art and one that you can quickly master. Add a tie or pastel button-down shirts for a semi-formal work-appropriate look. For the bottoms, go darker than the top colors and balance the tones with a navy or black pants. The only rule of thumb with these top layers is that they never wear the same color layers. It will work as an instant buzzkill ruining all your finely curated style (along with creating a poor impression!).


Black Motorcycle Leather Jackets 


The ultimate winner among the jackets, Black Jackets are a favorite among men and women both. The high flexibility index of black outerwear is far more than any other shade. If you have been involved in styling your outfits (which is a must for men too), you know how easy it is to pull black motorcycle jackets for men.


From racing tracks to art shows, you can give your mind a rest when wearing this gem because you need no other accessory with it. This is one of those apparel that you wear on a Sunday morning and leaves your house to finish a bunch of errands. Now whether you stop at a dentist’s appointment or for a quick lunch date, your style matches your persona in any setting. 


The competition these jackets face is close to nothing. They have already established their ground, and what remains now is to accommodate a couple in your wardrobe. Though men usually prefer minimalist exteriors, these jackets also offer heavily detailed outer sides. 


Studs, patches, and engraved letters are details the younger lot is comfortable to pull off. You cannot argue with what Gen Z chooses and when they decide to make it a huge trend. Unlike the previous generations, they break stereotypes wherever they go, being the most unpredictable creatures. It is an honor that they are still taking up leather jackets with the same enthusiasm as the previous generations and keeping the legacy of rough and tough vibes alive! 


Vintage Motorcycle Jackets


No matter what taste you have or how rarely you flaunt your top layers, you should always possess a classic vintage jacket. It isn’t about how rugged or ripped your top-layer is, but about who well you can carry it. Vintage features are a favorite for their timeless aura. Your high fashion needs equally unique apparel, and this is precisely what these jackets deliver. 


Every wardrobe requires a subtle balance in it. Vintage motorcycle jackets for men are your key to establishing the right balance in your collection. Modern details and features are undoubtedly high on the bar of fashion, but you can never ignore the ageless charm of these jackets, especially when they are rowdy biker outerwear. 


Flaunting your unique style becomes easy, as if you possess a magic wand. It takes minimal effort to grab your vintage piece from the closet and throw it over your jaw-dropping inner layers. When it comes to places where you can pull these off, the list is quite long. Including parties, concerts, costume bashes, and even dates, this one staple can work as your medium to success in fashion. After all, no one wants to get stuck on the ladder of style!

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