When it’s winter, the first things that come out are the jackets. But what to do if you are stuck in the universe of Resident Evil? Well, it could be a simple scenario. And if the zombies don’t kill you, the cold will. So you need something cool and something warm as well. But what could this really be?

The Vogue of the Evil Residents!

To a Resident Evil fan, it can only mean one thing. And that’s the Leon Kennedy resident evil 4 jackets. How come? Well, he is the idol of many Resident Evil fans just like you. So shouldn’t it be fair to say that he is your idol as well? Well, if he is, then you’re Lucky. And that’s because you have a chance to purchase a Sizzling cool Shearling jacket. However, this is not an ordinary Shearling jacket. It’s “THE SHEARLING JACKET.” And a FAN would be delighted to know that it is inspired by the shearling jacket which Leon Kennedy wears in Resident Evil 4.

Leon in his Prime Attire!

For those of you who do not know, Leon Kennedy is a character appearing in Resident Evil 4 and in countless other Resident Evil franchises. However, Leon Kennedy is an animated character. And he is voiced by many actors. However, people often hold the perception that they just can’t BECOME an animated character. Well, we say something different. And it’s just that you deserve to become Leon, i.e. cosplay him. And the easiest way to do that is to wear the most stylish shearling sensation of the decade. And it’s the Shearling jacket associated with him.

Jackets were a part of Leon’s Personality!

Leon is the main playable character in Resident Evil 4. And while the camera hangs on his shoulder, the Player can actually just admire his sense of fashion by observing it at a distance. However, it’s possible for you to purchase Leon’s resident evil 4 jackets. He wears it while killing the undead. And if you have ever played the game, then you would know that Leon is a man on the mission. As he is responsible for rescuing the daughter of the President of the United States of America. And for those of you who don’t know, the President’s daughter, aka Ashley Graham, was kidnapped by a cult, i.e., Los Iluminados. However, Resident Evil 4 has a different storyline than all the other adaptations. However, Leon and the Player both try hard and in the end, they both successfully rescue the President’s daughter. But they later find out that she was carrying a virus for her father, and this was intended by the Cult itself. 

An Overlook At Resident Evil:

Resident Evil, or Biohazard as known in Japan, is a horror video game series. It was developed by Capcom. However, Resident Evil is amongst the best selling video game Franchise of the decade. And it has the best costume design as well. How come? Well, Resident Evil features the most iconic Statement pieces of the decade. And not just that but also that Leon’s shearling jacket is a costume from Resident Evil 4. However, the iconic franchise has had many adaptations since 1999. And by 2021, Resident Evil has managed to slip amongst the most well-known and loved video game franchises of the century. 

The Resident Evil Movie Series

However, this popularity would not have been possible without the various adaptations and the Iconic Costume Design, which features the Resident Evil jacket. However, there was a Resident Evil movie almost every year. And these movies must have caused the fans to connect BETTER with the Universe of Resident Evil and Raccoon City. This further would have motivated the fans to do their best to try and purchase the latest iteration of the Video game alongside the latest Resident Evil jackets. And furthermore, enhance the fandom and the most fashionable Costume Design of the decade. However, these Live-Action movies revolve around a different protagonist than the video games. And the Resident Evil movies might just have been the first ones to feature a Female protagonist, Alice as the Female Hero of the movie itself. Furthermore, The Series of Resident Evil Movies are amongst the most well-known adaptations of the video game itself. There is furthermore more drama involved in the Film Series than in the video game franchise. 

Raccoon City? More Like Fashion City!

The hype has always existed with almost every Resident Evil Movie and with the Resident Evil jackets. And the fans faced this hype almost 6 times. And almost every day while trying to purchase the Resident Evil jacket. And With the Seventh movie still in production, the fans are already stressed about the release date, the Costume design, the storyline, and everything that says “Welcome to Raccoon City.” However, below we provide an overview of all the Most Well-known Resident Evil movies released so far. 

The First Is The Beginning:

Apparently, the fans loved the Beginning of this Zombie Themed Journey known as Resident Evil. The first Resident Evil movie and the Resident Evil jackets were released in 2002. However, the fans in 2021 still consider the movie alongside the Resident Evil jackets as a valuable way of education on the subject of Resident Evil Itself. And like all Beginnings, this movie features the start of the Outbreak. Constantin Film initially had the film rights to the Resident Evil franchise. However, it is the start of the journey that the fans would embark upon for the next six movies and in their countless daydreams. After the release of the movie, the outfits, the storyline, everything was an instant hit. The fans were in love with every Resident Evil jacket that the cast wore. They even said that it was the best costume design of the century. However, this would further prove to be false as they “gave” this opinion to other Resident Evil Movies.  

Alice The Icon And Her Outfits Come Into The Spotlight

The Release of Resident Evil helped introduce a great actor and her great Resident Evil jackets to the world. And she is the one thing about the movie that really caught my eye. However, this feature of the movie was none other than Milla Jovich. She is most widely known for playing Alice throughout the Resident Evil Movie Franchise. She is globally renowned for this Specific role. However, she plays many characters later on, but arguably Alice is the most iconic one she ever portrayed as. And Alice’s Resident Evil jackets are the most iconic zombie-themed jackets which she wears. No one imagined a female superhero like Alice herself who would constantly be fighting Zombies. But there she was. Fighting Zombies and being the hero for five more films in the history of Resident Evil.  

Story Of Umbrella

However, the story of the first Resident Evil story is the story of Umbrella. Thus the first movie was all about Introductions, and it was all about the best Resident Evil jackets. Thus the world was introduced to Umbrella Corporation. And everyone then gets to know that the Umbrella Corp has a top-secret genetic research facility Located deep beneath the ocean. This facility is called the Hive. And the Hive has been sealed by The Red Queen (The legendary AI). However, it is sealed due to the release of the T-virus into the facility. The AI kills every living thing in the facility to ensure that the T-virus doesn’t reach the surface. But the News gets worse as T-virus reanimates them, transforming the humans into ravenous zombies and the animals into highly aggressive mutants. And that’s where Alice comes in. She was a security operative working for the Corporation until her memory was wiped by the Red Queen’s nerve gas. And then some complicated stuff happens, which causes A team consisting of Alice as well to run away from Umbrella with The licker on their tail. And everybody remembers how disgusting he actually looked. However, they make it out with most of the team hurt. And Alice in the coma. And so the movie ends just like that.

The Outfits Of The End Are The Most Awaited Ones:

The Beginning and the end are two things that make us more alive. However, the fans consider living in the universe of Resident evil more than their own. And they do that by wearing our Resident Evil jackets. However, there was an announcement by the Constantin chairman that another film from the legendary movie franchise would soon be released. And it would be titled “RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACOON CITY.”

This statement and their decisions were questioned and Criticized by many fans and critics around the globe. As they wanted to witness the same Milla Jovich as Alice and the same Resident Evil jackets. However, the fans are confused about it, just in the same way they are excited about the new Resident Evil jackets. And on some social platforms, the excitement outranks the confusion. And their excitement mostly entails that they can’t wait for the new Resident Evil jackets. And this time the outfits of the end are the most Awaited ones!

However, just when the fans thought that it couldn’t get better, well, it just got better. As the Stars were seen wearing the outfits from the movie. And thus, fans are already hyped up about their outfits hitting the market. They are packed and loaded to rush for the outfits, and they are ready to purchase them all! So make sure that you don’t miss out on any single one!

So keep on loving the Resident Evil jackets and keep on killing the zombies with Leon Kennedy and the others! 

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