Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Layering Up!

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid While Layering Up

Snow is falling and crackling under your feet, the fragrance of hot chocolate is taking over the environment; everything is either becoming beautiful or snowy — winter has announced its arrival. The official time to have Winter Jackets added to your wardrobe. Picking the right winter jacket isn’t as easy as it seems. You always end up making some silly mistakes, which you realize after returning, and sometimes it is too late to return. Winter jackets are the main part of your wardrobe; ruining them might result in ruining your whole winter wardrobe. Take a look at these common mistakes before going shopping for jackets, so you can easily avoid them.


This is the biggest mistake you can make. Without any doubt, nothing is worse than opting for the wrong size of the jacket; it doesn’t matter whether it is oversize or undersized; the wrong size will ruin your mood and outfit altogether. Even the bulky and cropped layers also have some measurements that you should follow those measurements instead of going for a too-big jacket in the name of oversize jackets and too short jackets in cropped ones. Check the length of the jacket; it should be around the area where your waist ends if it is not cropped.

Otherwise, your look will be too sloppy. Lose your arms and check whether or not the jacket is exceeding them. If yes, change it; if it is till your thumb knuckle, it has a perfect size. Also, measure the sleeve size; you should be able to move your hands comfortably. You should also check the jacket by fastening it; if it feels too sultry, leave that on the rack. Though it shouldn’t be too loose to let cold air enter your body, the perfect size is the one where you can breathe easily without getting cold.


Having a jacket with ill-fitted shoulders will only ruin your outfit instead of making it doper. This is the most common mistake which everyone ends up making. Checking for the size tag is not enough; you should always try the jacket to check the shoulder measurements. If you are buying a blazer, check that shoulder pads are comfortable or not, and check if the shoulder fits you right. Usually, those pads increase the width of shoulders, though it shouldn’t give you so much space between your shoulder and jacket’s pads.

So the best way to check is to lean against the wall and check if your shoulder, including joint pad, are reaching the wall at the same time, then you are good to go; if not, then you should look for other jackets. Shoulder pads are there in blazers to give you a sleek and well-shaped upper structure without being spotted, but going for too big shoulder pads, you’ll end up ruining your outfit. So if you have already made this mistake, try not to repeat it.


Understandably, you live on the North Pole, but still, you are not qualified for over-layering your dresses. You can opt for shearling jackets, puffer coats, parka coats, and many other jackets that will not require any other layer with them. So instead of wearing too many tops, try going with the one top that works as many. Also, wearing too many layers will make you look sloppy and badly dressed, not something anyone wants. So pick the right option according to the weather condition of your area so that you won’t have to pick so many layers at the end.


Jackets can do wonders to your outfit, but if you pair the wrong jacket with the wrong outfit, then you might end up making a mistake. Most of the jackets work with everything and every outfit, though some don’t work with everything. So while pairing your Winter Jackets for Men with idiotic outfits, take a look at yourself because you might realize your mistake before being the joke. So, try to avoid the aforementioned mistakes and enjoy winter in stylish outfits.

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