The colorful and cheerful aura of the Christmas season is about to start shortly. Every nook and corner of the city would be glowing and mesmerizing with festivity and the jingle bells. The happy faces in cool and cherished outfits would be wandering around the streets enjoying the aura without the worries of life. In this spirit of festivity, we are here to make you more happy and cherished. The New American Jacket is bringing the Christmas sale to you in which we have included our top-notch Christmas Jackets & Coats. This is to ease your style hunt and to satisfy your fashion cravings this Christmas.

The discounted and cheap deals are the escape for the ones who want to dress nicely and are unable to find something cheaper and better. We have outfits inspired by movies, series and celebrities that you would definitely love to style on this Christmas occasion. Our Christmas sale will take care of your cosplay events or costume parties. Just log onto our website and scroll along. You will definitely get your desired outfit for your most awaited Christmas party. Some sneak peeks and some key takeaways of Christmas Jackets & Coats from our sale are at your service below. 


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The 1989 movie named National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a family movie of the comedy genre. The movie shows the struggles of a family to celebrate Christmas at its fullest in between, unlike-minded people. Apart from chuckles and laughter, the movie has some serious vintage fashion insights, and the idea of reviving and re-engineering vintage fashion is never too bad. The classic vintage outfits that give nostalgia include the National Lampoon’s Christmas Coat. This chic and cool outfit is on sale on our website. Go grab it now. What are you waiting for?

The Christmas-themed coat is all trendy and classy. It is not a mainstream Christmas outfit, but it is a fashionable Christmas theme coat that means you can combine it differently to give a unique look at a Christmas party. Our skilled artisan and craftsman stitched this coat with quality and care. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Coat is the best choice because it is lighter and trendier. It is made of woolen fabric from the outside and styled with a shawl-style lapel collar. You can get this masterpiece at a better price and in a better quality from our website where it is on sale. Hurry up! 


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Being all good and nice is normal, and normal is abnormal in the fashion industry. For the fashion monsters and style hunters, we have a treat from the movie Watchmen. The Andrew Howard Watchmen Jacket is here in our Christmas sale to re-engineer your Christmas attire. The red color fleece coat belongs to the actor Andrew Howard. He wore the coat in the science fiction movie named Watchmen. Although the coat does not seem to be designed for Christmas, it is on sale due to its red color and could be re-engineered into a creative and out-of-the-box Christmas look.

You can combine the Andrew Howard Watchmen Jacket with skinny red chinos. Put a white furry muffler around your neck and tie a belt around your waist to give it a Santa look. In the end, wear high knee black leather boots with white furry trim and tuck your chinos inside the shoes to show off the white furry trim. This would be the most creative and stunning look that you would create. Avail of the opportunity and buy the Andrew Howard-inspired coat from our sale. 


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Dressing like Santa Claus and disguising yourself is really fun on Christmas. This is the funniest and craziest yet happiest thing to do at the festival. However, the costume of Santa Claus is sometimes hard to find and gives you nightmares if you can’t find the right one. But no, this time. Because we have solved your problem through our Christmas sale on our store. Like other Christmas-related items and outfits, we have included the Andy Bernard Santa Costume Jacket in our sale too. This is the evergreen outfit for your cosplay costume needs and is very easy to style. From our sale, you can have this item in bulk too. Maybe you and your group of friends want to wear the same outfit at the party.

The red and white mainstream Santa Claus coat is stitched with care and profession by our best craftsmen tailors. It is made of pure and comfy fleece fabric with viscose inner lining. The coat is styled with a shearling collar and shearling cuffs at the end of the sleeves. The Andy Bernard Santa Costume Jacket is inspired by Ed Helms, who wore this coat in the best-ever comedy series named The Office. The fans of the series and the actor can’t afford to miss the chance. Go avail of the sale!


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Being a Santa Claus is easy, but being a sassy Santa Claus is both difficult yet a flex. Be a unique and creative Santa Claus this Christmas. You can rock the Christmas party in our Christmas Chronicles Fur Coat. This leather-made Santa Claus long coat is inspired by the latest movie, The Christmas Chronicles, in which the famous actor Kurt Russell played the role of Santa Claus. This coat is actually a must-have item for the movie’s or actor’s fans, and the general public could be benefitted too. 

The unique and sassy trench coat is red in color. It is made of pure leather and contains a viscose lining inside the coat to keep you warm and comfortable. The Christmas Chronicles Fur Coat is styled with a shearling shawl-style lapel collar. The main takeaway is that the fur of this coat is available in both white furs and shedding fur. This coat is such a hot and sassy piece. This is available at lower prices and the best quality in our Christmas sale. Go make your Christmas sassy. 


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For the people who are busy with offices and professional lives and stuff like that, we have Richard Branson Christmas Coat that is the simplest yet best choice for the people who do not have parties, but they have heart, and they want to celebrate the grand festival but on a lighter note. 

The Richard Branson Christmas Coat is the coat that is stitched after the Christmas-themed coat of Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, which he once wore in some public gathering. So, the coat could be a treat for his admirers and aspirers. This open-style coat is prepared using fleece fabric and a viscose inner lining. It is styled by a hooded collar and open cuffs at the end of full-length sleeves. You can team up this coat with a simple red shirt and simple red pants. Wear the Santa shoes, tie a belt, and you will become Santa yourself. Just don’t forget to carry a bag full of gifts because Santa never forgets to carry gifts for the children. 

The Christmas sale on our website is the ideal one this year. It can make your Christmas happy and wholesome. So, go grab your outfit.

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