The Best Men’s Varsity Jackets and How to Style Them

Putting all of your efforts to build a sensible pre-winter outfit to attract the crowd yet couldn’t get the desired results? Let me tell you this but your semi-casual pre-winter outfit is incomplete without a Varsity Jacket. You aren’t a true fashionista if you are unaware of the importance of putting on varsity outerwear which can give you a totally new identity and enable you to be a trendsetter.

As a fashion geek having an unusual interest in outerwear fashion for over years, I have donned many types of jackets and coats with casual and formal outfits. But when it comes to the casual outerwear options, nothing even comes close to the varsity jacket.

Wondering why it is so? For your information, the specific type of outerwear often comes with a striking difference of colors and material between the front part and the sleeves making it a must-grab thing. It is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to adjust. Fed up with wearing the traditionally-made outerwear? Here are three ultra cool varsity jackets to stylize before the winter invades.

Emilio Garcia-Sanchez’s Way of Stylizing a Varsity Jacket 

It is absolutely OK to follow a celebrity to get some inspiration for stylizing a varsity jacket. Since Emilio Garcia-Sanchez donned The Society Jason Letterman Varsity Jacket like no other in The Society, I couldn’t resist including his name on the list. But this does not mean you should be solely looking at his wardrobe. Instead, you can come up with your own imagination to perfectly adjust your varsity jacket equipped outfit. A simple way to don the varsity outerwear is by teaming it up with off white t-shirt, camel shaded sneakers, denim pants and roll it a bit up for the sizzling hot look. No, don’t you worry about the cold breeze as the pre-winter season can’t harm your health at all. In fact, it is the best time to experiment with the winter wardrobe and see what suits your looks.

A Much Casual Look 

Do you know that you could change a look simply by replacing a certain component and the colors of your outfit? Couldn’t get to my point? Well, take out black pants, black footwear of any kind you like the most ( including the slip-on) and black v-neck t-shirt out of the closet and team these all up with Pubg Varsity 5m Jacket for a mix match of green and black. Although the black parts will dominate,  the green parts will be prominent too. A secret here, the two colored outfits secure more positive remarks than the single-colored outfits. You know the fact that the fashion seekers certainly the fashion judges are into colorful outfits more than anything else. The more colors your outfit carries, the more you grab the attention.

Going a Bit Untraditional 


Stop sticking to the traditional approach and think out of the box to be the talk of the town! All I mean is grab the blue short pants, wear a round neck t-shirt, put on black sunglasses, a classic casual cap covering the head, camel shaded boots and Billionaire Boys Club Bbc Varsity Jacket to walk up the street with immense confidence. This way, not only you would make others say wow but also start a trend that would be quite an untraditional in nature. But keep in mind, don’t go for the short pants during the winter season or else you will end up being frozen. Covering the legs is crucial for your health which is why the short pants are only good for the semi-cold weather right after the end of the summer when winter is only a few weeks away from affecting our daily lifestyle.

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