Things That No One Else Is Ever Going To Tell You About Akira

Things That No One Else Is Ever Going To Tell You About Akira 1


With so much to watch online, it is extremely rare to find good content, especially when it is in the Anime genre. Acceptance for animes is growing and enlarging as time is passing by, yet still, there are some credence levels it has to pass. But when we talk about movies like Akira, they surely have set some next-level standards in the anime industry. The unraveling facts about biker gangs, telepathic kids, and showing amazing costume play like Akira Jacket is what we are up for all the freaking time.


Now that the enthusiasm and spirits for Anime are getting high, Katsuhiro Otomo announced that he is going to release the remaster 4k version of 1988 Akira. We know it is big news and surely going to be a treat for the eyes. What we are not sure about is if there would be any surprising elements present in the remastered version. You have all the rights to get excited and pop up the capsuleAkira Kaneda Leather Jacket to show the love and enthusiasm for Akira.


We all know that accidents do happen, but when we are saying accidents, it does not mean that it is all bad. The consequences of the accidents can be good or bad OR both. Thinking and fearing accidents or failures should never stop us from taking risks. Director and co-writer Katsuhiro Otomo of the most loved and appreciated anime movie from 1988, Akira, have taught us this lesson.

Akira, in the first place, was not expecting much appreciation and popularity. The director himself said that in the movie, he took a lot of risks. He decided to show a raw and more open side of Japanese culture which has never been shown before. He didn’t have this idea that people would accept it like it is. Aiming for criticism but got adoration and ardor in return, it is a good return on investment.

Whatever the risk and inaugural decisions that he took worked for the best. The culture and openness that you now see in Anime are following the footsteps of this 1988 cult movie Akira.

1) What you might not know is that Akira originally is a Japanese comic which is also known as Manga. These comics were written and illustrated by Otomo. A very famous magazine in Japan used to feature these comics from 1982 to 1990. This Manga consisted of 6 volumes and 2182 pages, yes! No kidding. People who have followed it completely, they sure deserve a Nobel prize.

2) The movie, as well as Manga, is about a gang of different bikers. Living in a post-apocalyptic world. All the teenagers combined are led by Shotaro Kaneda. What makes him a hero and a leader? It is his charismatic and highly empathetic personality. He helps his psychic friend Shima from developing contact with another Psychic who is named Akira.

3) We already have told you the Manga was rambled on for 2182 pages, so the movie version covers only the first half of the Comic. As much as the first half of the movie has been appreciated even in recent times, we think the directors should think about creating and releasing the other half of the manga as well. As in the movie version, several important storylines and characters were left out. And we fans want to see them.

4) Akira was made up of admiration and showing respect to another Manga named “Tetsujin 28,” written by Mitsuteru. Keeping a character name similar to both the Mangas is “Shotaro Kaneda.” Also, both Akira and Tetsujin 28 are of their own kind.

5) Akira, the movie which is almost 121 minutes long, was set in 2019 Neo-Tokyo, and it was shown that an Olympic stadium has been built up there. Now, in reality, Tokyo was all set to host the 2020 Olympics. Well, the pandemic turned the table around and put the showdown.

6) We have seen the most amazing and mind-blowing Akira Kaneda Jacket.  What makes the jacket voguish? We don’t know about you, but for us, it is definitely a capsule at the back. Do you know the reason why out of so many psychic activities, they chose “capsule” to be drawn? Well, it is simply because the gang Kane used to lead was named “Capsule.”

7) Another shocking and up to the minute thing about Akira is that it comprises almost over 160,000 single pictures. You heard us right. 160,000 single pictures are a lot. If you see it technically, then these shots can make 2 animated pictures separately. Now that we are talking about numbers, then let’s drop one more piece of information. Almost 70 animators have worked on this film.

8) Akira film is popping with colors and lights, and hues. And that is because animators of the movie used unmatchable and record-breaking colors in the movie, which is 327 colors! We freaking don’t even know that 327 colors exist! If you think like this too, then you are not entirely wrong because 50 colors were created. Yes, they were born specifically for this movie.

9) This movie single-handedly broke the bank. Akira at that time was considered to be the most expensive, most big-budgeted movie from Japan ever.

10) Let’s discuss the last but not the least interesting fact, which is the strategy the US uses now for recording the dialogues before completing the animation is an adaptation from Akira. Akira was the first-ever Japanese animated movie that followed this pre-recording practice.

Have you had enough information about the film Akira? Well, maybe you have got tired of reading it, but there still is a lot more to the film. This masterpiece has so many points that will shock you to the very core, and what you know is just a glimpse of it. Anytime you want to know more, explore more about Akira, and you won’t be leaving empty-handed with it.

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