Walk Tall And Proud In 6 High-heel Ideas With The Don’t Look Up Dr. Teddy Blazer!

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Fashion must be effortless. Currently, nobody has time to think about what to wear every single day. Unexciting and boring closets are the main cause of confusion. The easiest way to upgrade your wardrobe is by adding a jacket. A jacket will take you a long way. The inclusion of a jacket is the wisest decision one can make. Jackets are perennial. They can be paired with tons of other clothing items. The jackets are flawless. How incredible is it that only one piece of clothing can make you dazzle? It is not wrong to say that jackets are a vital part of the daily style. Even the simplest outfit can sparkle just by layering it with a jacket. Now we are here to tell you how pairing up heels can elevate your jacket style.

  • Men’s Pointy Shoes

For some, it sounds bizarre men in heels is an alien concept. But when it comes to high street fashion, men with heels are applauded. Men’s pointy-toe shoes are sleek, having a narrower front side with a one-inch heel. Envision wearing Dr. Teddy Don’t Look Up Grey Blazer with dark grey pointy shoes. An astounding attire for sure.

Ensemble Concept

There are many ways a blazer can be styled. One way is to wear simple shoes with them for a casual look. At the same time, another great way is to wear pointy shoes with heels for a formal event. The Dr teddy blazer is iconic. It has a lapel-style collar with a buttoned closure. The wool fabric of the blazer is ideal for protection from cold. This jacket is inspired by the outstanding actor Rob Morgan. 

  • Block heels

Now coming to the ladies. Ladies and heels go hand in hand. They are like best friends. An event without heels is a big no for women. Block heels are a perfect choice for those women who are unable to keep their balance. The thick block heels help them walk smoothly. Imagine obtaining Sonia Kincaid Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Black Jacket and matching it with flaming red block heels. 

Ensemble Concept

This bodyguard black jacket will look dazzling with a red block heel. One must not be afraid to play with some colors. Only the courageous fashion style will make you stand out. Trust us. You won’t be able to combat this outfit idea. The red color of the heels will make the black jacket look more alluring. The jacket is influenced by the movie Hitman’s Wife’s bodyguard. The movie revolves around the protagonist, who is trying to get help from her husband’s old bodyguard. 

  • Ankle Strap heels

Ankle strap heels are common these days. They are high heels with an ankle strap on top to support them. Ever thought about getting Kate Dibiasky Don’t Look Up Jacket. This cotton jacket will look ravishing with blue ankle strap heels. The hooded collar makes this jacket unique. It comes with whopping five pockets, four inside and one outside.

Ensemble Concept

Now coming to the outfit concept. You can easily pair this jacket with a solid color shirt and pants in combination with blue heels. You can either make or break your fashion style. It is always better to be the former one. And to achieve that, you must follow our styling guide. Kate’s jacket is inspired by the movie. Don’t look up where the main characters are astronomers who are trying to warn people about an asteroid coming towards Earth. 

  • Wedge heels

Wedge heels are the best option when it comes to supporting your feet. They are amazing for women of all ages because it provides a good grip. They are best for daily wear. Wedge heels are Italian. Wedges are also good for a walk on the beach. Wedges will undoubtedly look good with skinny jeans topped with a jacket. They can be worn for long hours without hesitation. 

Ensemble Concept

Another perfect outfit idea would be to pair the black Salma Hayek leather jacket with solid nude shade wedge heels. These heels with a jacket symbolize royalty. Wedges are available with a strap and zipper as well. Nowadays, wedges are trendy. 

  • Kitten heels

Kitten heels are barely two-inch heels. These are comfortable with any outfit. They can be worn during the day or even at night time. Kitten heels are mostly worn with formal attire. They have a strap with fully covered shoes. Kitten heels are also used by young girls who are just trying to walk in heels.

Ensemble Concept

Landing on the styling game. Black kitten heels will look marvelous with a cotton jacket. Not too formal, not too fussy. Kitten heels are comparatively easy to handle while wearing jackets. High heels can sometimes become tricky to handle. Jackets with shoes are a staggering combination. 

  • Stiletto heels

Coming to the highest in demand heels stiletto. Stilettos can sometimes have a strap. These heels are usually thin and long. They are associated with party wear but can be worn in formal settings too. Long heels are not ideal for extended hours. Stiletto heels come with a steel arch that is uncommon in other heels. In the past, high heels were a sign of power and authority. 

Ensemble Concept

Furthermore, stilettos heels are a perfect match for leather jackets. They give you a slim and sleek look. Your jacket will sparkle when you wear it with pearl white stiletto heels. There is no end to the fashion styles with leather jackets. We hope that these outfit ideas satisfy your inner fashionista. 

A Striking End

Lastly, to sum up, this look, we can say that any heels with jackets will look mind-blowing. And not to forget that heels are also present in men’s shoes which are currently in fashion. Jackets, be they leather or cotton, can create a huge impact on the audience because of their comfortableness and longevity. The jacket style is unbeatable without any doubt. Look forward to all kinds of styling without being petrified. Change is always better only if we make it better. Women and men cannot be separated from jackets. So don’t procrastinate. Go and grab onto these outstanding jackets before the sale is no longer valid.

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