Winning Million of hearts with this Red Dead Redemption John Marston Vest

We all want to have something that creates value for your Halloween costume. However, we all are looking for some of the tried and tested costumes and don’t want to try anything bold, which is all right. But when you are going for a vintage costume on Halloween. It would help if you were making sure that it has a touch of trend in it., In order to keep you intact with the latest trends and make you look absolutely chic. Vests are usually said to be old-fashioned, which revived again in this century, and people have started kind of liking it. However, people back then used to consider it classy. We still have issues gasping ist as a trend. Working on this costume would change the idea of many people out there. Let’s have a look at what we can do to formulate a costume that can win over hearts and looks classic at the same time. 

Maroon sweatshirt or casual shirt

A comfortable sweatshirt would help you achieve a classy look. You would be able to achieve some of the best looks that you can have with this maroon sweatshirt. A full sleeve shirt would get you more attention than you ever imagined. You can also shift the look to a more casual one with the full sleeves buttoned-up shirt. 

Pair of black pants

This is something available in all of your wardrobes, and this would actually allow you to have a classy look altogether. These pants are a must-have in order to complete the look.

Red Dead Redemption John Marston Vest

The vest would look trendy because the features of this costume have been designed so you cannot disappoint anyone. It would actually give you the strength to dedicate some of the best moments of your life and enjoy them to their fullest. 

Black formal shoes

Shoes would add value to the whole costume. Some nice black formal shoes would help you achieve a trendy look. You can look absolutely super cool with these shoes, and they would compliment your personality well. 

A treasure box of accessories

In order to get ready for Halloween, we need to have proper accessories. These black leather hand gloves would be better for the whole costume look. Some nice cowboy hats would also make you look trim and youthful., The rest of the accessories include a bullet belt and a fake gun that would complete the whole look. 

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