Women Fashion: The Major Winter Trends 2020

Women Fashion: The Major Winter Trends 2020

The wait is finally over – the festive season is here, and we are just as excited as you are. If there is one thing we are obsessing over this season, it’s the ultimate collection of Winter Jackets for WomenThis year, the virtual world and online backgrounds had most of our focus; now that people meet in person, styling outfits is essential. Here are some ways you can keep up with runway fashion!

Stand Out with Patchwork 

Patchwork on denim and leather jackets give a hippie vibe, and who doesn’t like it? Apart from black tie events, this top layer works its magic in all situations. Bouts of creativity and colors, patchwork brings a perfect amalgam of vintage and contemporary details. Pair your vibrant jacket with plain inner layers to enhance the overall artsy look!

Tye Dye Layers

One of the major trends to come out of lockdown, tye-dye, is extremely chic. From sweatpants to hoodies, everything is now coming in custom tye-dye. Jump on this bandwagon because this is an authentic vintage trend one can never get enough of. Before the mainstream media puts it behind their backs once again, revel in the beauty of something extraordinary and unique.

Oversized Fuzzy Cardigan 

Cardigan season is here to stay. A fuzzy cardigan is like a cherry on top with its cozy vibes and additional comfort. The chic look is best complemented with solid color inners and boots. Headwear, including loosely knit beanies and bucket hats, look adorable with the vibe of the cardigan. From striking shades to soft hues, these top layers look mesmerizing in all ranges.

Plaid Wool Coat

The class of plaids never dies down; it is a miracle that this trend has lived through decades and is still thriving among all age groups. Woolen coats are staples in winter wardrobes, and if you want one that will exhibit power and charm simultaneously, then a plaids coat with adorable winter head accessories is the right way to go.

Quilted Leather Toppers

Quilted leather coats, as well as quilted leather jackets, both have an exciting edge to them. Whether it’s a pair of leather pants or denim jeans, these jackets can rock all the smart casual attire. Knee-high boots and the oversized silhouette of a quilted leather coat go hand in hand. There is nothing smoother than a jacket that gives you warm feelings of being wrapped up in a blanket all day!

Puffer Coat 

Another variation of the quilted coat is the iconic puffer coat. Most of these modern puffer coats come in a heat tech fabric, taking the fashion world by storm. Staying extra warm on a freezing evening is a luxury, and these extraordinary pieces let you enjoy all the mistletoes around you! Winters are quite dreary; if you do not bring your colors in the picture, things are bound to go boring and dull within a couple of hours!

Faux Fur Coats 

Soft and smooth, fur coats scream luxury from all aspects. Have you ever heard of being super cold in winter? If you have a fur coat, it’s highly unlikely. Feeling happy in the gloomiest days of the year is a tedious task, but when you are carrying something as soft as fur, it comes naturally. Boots and headbands are the go-to accessories for this outfit, especially if you want a magazine-worthy look with minimum efforts.

Animal Print Jackets 

Winter Jackets in animal print is getting the most traction these days; why? Killing the trend of monotonous winter wardrobes, animal print is a classic way of adding some variety to your outfit. Leopard and tiger print jackets or boots are both quite famous on the streets and runways. For an iconic show of winter fashion, get a couple of printed essential for the rest of the season and sort yourself in the finest fashion circles.

Shearling Jacket 

Bomber jackets with shearling-lined hoodies, collars, or hems are a gem! This winter, bring back the vintage style of carrying shearling fused top layers. Add the hottest jackets in town to your wardrobe and live the chicest dreams of a winter off-duty model!

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