Your Year Round Guide to Different Types of Jackets

Your Year Round Guide to Different Types of Jackets

Like every other category, menswear is also under a constant hum of change where it goes through different styles nonstop. Nonetheless, the basics and etiquettes of a classic look never seem to go out of style. Like a nice suit, men’s casual jackets have their place in the ever-stylish list of male apparel.

From the Quilted Design Jacket‘s rigid and uptight looks to the low-key looks of a casual top layer, these jackets give every man a masculine appearance that is not met by any other style. The sturdy nature of jackets makes them a multi-season apparel, so they work great for both Autumn and Spring weather. It does not matter if you are going for a synthetic material or if you want to invest your money in the wool made garment, a jacket of quality looks impressive in all of those materials.

Cafe Racer Moto Jackets

Those who keep an eye out for featured motorcycle gear are aware of the worth of a Cafe Racer Jacket. It has specific appeals for those who appreciate custom, classic, and cafe racer style motorcycles. If you fall into this category, then, like us, you cannot resist gear that not only looks great but also complements your ride.

While offering the latest in safety technology, even the vintage styles are a game-changer in this category. Whether you are riding a street brawler, a cafe racer, or even a restored classic, you need gear to give you numerous perks. From commuting to blending in around town, these Cafe Racer Jacketsare essential among the hotheads. You can easily spot one while hunting corners on the weekends and derive your inspiration from there.

If you consider yourself a modern cool rider who blends a streamlined style with classic materials, you are what we call the stealth fans. A stealthy motorcycle jacket that can pass as streetwear is the holy grail of this rider. Then comes the category of the orthodox, vintage cool rider, who is kicking it while being his old school self. Do not fall for the old style as they look just as good as riders of the past.

Cafe Racer Jackets promises protection with a subtle yet distinctive style. These pieces offer the kind of unassuming cool we adore as they have finished in premium fabrics. In recent years designers have recognized an increase in demand for less flashy or heavily branded riding gear. These are the spot-on examples of meeting this demand with both subtle and minimal styling on the jacket’s exterior.

Bomber Jackets

Since these jackets are more or less an umbrella term for a top-layer practically every man has in his wardrobe these days, they offer a little attitude and a lot of versatility. Coming in the shape of short, zip or button-up, cropped hems, knitted cuffs pieces, there are many variations of the bomber jacket in the present day. Their original functionality and purpose – to serve pilots in the military, give this jacket a more safe perspective. Sturdy and easy-going, it has come a long way from its original counterpart.

The Bomber jacketis a timeless piece of outerwear that should be in abundance in your closet. Since the classic jacket offers a variety of styles, it can work on many occasions. This practical approach has given its fashionable side a big plus point. Whether you are after something to keep you cozy during bone freezing days or a statement style to complete casual outfits, it is your ultimate answer.

But the Bomber Jackets – with all their mutations – have become much more than a relic of time-gone-by, which is appreciated by everyone. Since leaving its war-time skin and becoming one of the most popular outerwear pieces of all time, it has only seen good days. The style is openly and actively adopted on and off-screen by everyone from Tom Cruise to Ryan Gosling.

In Alexandre Mattiussi’s words, the founder of the young Parisian label, Ami says, “The [bomber jackets] silhouette is universally flattering. It’s cinched in at the waist while keeping a broad shoulder, and it’s also immensely practical. It’s perfect as a mid-season piece – not as heavy as a coat and can be layered, so it’s versatile.” After these words, there is little to no doubt left that these are greatest in any trend list.

Quilted Jackets

The shorter quilted jacket, an altered version of the long coats, is also a favorite among men for the outdoors during spring. No matter if you are hanging out in the city, running errands, or planning to go fishing and in the more in-depth country, these top-notch jackets are always an appropriate option for comfort.

In the mid-’60s, the world introduced to a new type of jacket and grateful to the designer ever since then. The new design came out as a sturdy, lightweight, and stylish piece that managed to keep the wearer snugged and dry in colder weather. The creator of the enthralling jacket, Mr. Steve Guylas, started a now-successful business that produces thermal outerwear and later designed the quilted jackets.

A quilted vest meant for shooting, and the jackets have come far from what they first used to be.

If you go for the synthetic material ones, they help with waterproofing. The synthetic quilted jackets are a big hit among people for their significant perks. Many celebrities and people are following in each other’s steps of switching this comfortable apparel for the upcoming season. This surge in demand has got the quilted jacket a status of an iconic menswear garment.

Flaunt your outstanding top layer on full swing in weather that is slightly wet. In particular, rainy spring days are the perfect conditions for this iconic piece. Since the style is suitable for all, it rarely gets any criticism from the critics. The mix and match technique of pairing also works wonderfully with this outerwear, and you can layer it in a chic and handsome style with hoodies and jumpers too.

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