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Nothing is actually more appealing than fans catching Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed in a couple of real leather jacket mens during the interview for ‘Venom’. Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed have been easy on the eyes, and have shown amazing chemistry on screen as well. Still, in its early hours, Venom might prove to be a major hit, and diehard fans aren’t even stopping to ask why. Since Venom is still playing on the cinemas; you might want to skip this section because it has a few spoilers in it, and apologies are already getting in line for spewing them.

Sony’s Venom has performed quite well in the first two weeks of October at the box office. However, with the recent rating by Rotten Tomatoes, the rest of the month could lead to a wagering drop in the sum. However, according to the box office, Venom beat Gravity’s $57.5 million opening haul with a staggering $80 million record.




Whether or not you’ve read the Venom comics, the movie is dead set to make you forget Spiderman’s existence, which according to some fans was not what they picked up from the trailers and all the Venom hype initially. The movie makes you say, “Tom Holland, who?” because there isn’t even the slightest bit of discussion about Spiderman or any proof regarding its link to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Also, fans thought that the movie would be R-rated, which according to the final production allowed executives to rerate it as PG-13. The entire Spiderman franchise had been PG-13 rated as well, but since the production had already been teasing with their plausible R-rating strategy, fans think that the upcoming installments in the franchise could take a big nose-dive.

Deadpool and Logan were probably two of Fox’s R-rated flicks that not only proved to be hideous gangbusters but lived up to the claims and expectations as well. This had left fans hoping that Venom should have also been categorized as an R-rated movie which it sadly didn’t, but nothing could be said about its upcoming ventures, at least.

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his alter ego Venom is portrayed quite well in the movie, and despite the fact that the transition might not be as gory and horrific as the trailer teased; it is actually a treat to watch him going through the irony. Tom Hardy’s character is somewhat goofy – something that you might expect out of a Johnny Depp classic – but never the least, it is a cinch to catch a couple of laughs during Hardy’s inept body dysmorphia here and there.


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Riz Ahmed’s role as Carlton Drake/Riot is probably the second reason why fans are storming the theaters in their mens fall vests.  However, once you get into your seat and begin watching the movie, you would be disappointed by this PG-13 tuned bad guy memo. It is quite hard to initially focus on Riz Ahmed playing the villain in the movie, and secondly, when you have high expectations, the movie’s comic book tale yet again fails to produce the villainous results you’d expect to see.

While the movie might come off as pretty smooth yet inconsistent, and somewhat similar to an old comic book tale, fans think that Venom could still emerge to be one of the classics that cinema has seen. Grab onto your winter rain coats and head to the cinemas since Venom might not stick for long.

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