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Stop pestering Google by asking where to buy nice winter coats for this season. Google has a lot more to offer, and the heat might be more than enough to melt your socks. Marvel, on the other hand, has an intense scoop for you this upcoming season, and it surely doesn’t involve ice cream.

Fans are truly excited about the shooting and consequent release of Doctor Strange 2, probably way more than any of the other leading Marvel sequels. FanExpo Vancouver recently tweeted with a statement of ‘hope’ from Doctor Strange’s actor, Benedict Wong, that filming of the said film could start by the end of this year. Ever since then, fans have been going crazy and somehow, have intense hopes and expectations from Marvel.


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First of all, Marvel isn’t made up of Kyrpton dynamites itself – it is a studio that comprises of a production crew that works pretty much like any other human being. With that said, there is enough proof that Marvel isn’t breeding any sorcerers behind its closed gates.

Reportedly, fans know almost everything about Marvel’s upcoming productions. The Studios has Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson’s standalone (highly budgeted) movie – and a number of other sequels including Black Panther 2 and The Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in the pipeline. There is actually enough rapport about these productions, which reduces hope for Doctor Strange 2’s production.

Apart from Benedict Wong citation on Twitter, there is apparently no hype or proof about the movie’s production. Sure, Kevin Feige might have released a little tease, and Scott Derrickson, the franchise’s highly acclaimed director, might have, too, hinted about the sequel’s production here and there. However, this still doesn’t give fans proof or evidence that Doctor Strange 2 might begin filming in a couple of months.


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See, if a production is actually lined up to film in a couple of months, that is by the end of December and Christmas, the entire production team would have been on the cue instead of catering to winter coat shopping. Little joke there, but who says that actors don’t feel cold and won’t need a blazer to protect them from the harsh winds of winter during shooting? too hasn’t listed Doctor Strange 2 as an upcoming production. IMDB also lists those movies whose productions are either numbered or even rumored. The lack of concern over Doctor Strange 2’s upcoming production is quite saddening.

Also, to add more to our spy-like evidence, Benedict Wong didn’t exactly say that the production would kick off in a couple of months. What he said was that he ‘hopes’ the production would get underway by the end of this year. Did you mean by the end of next year, sir? This seems pretty believable if you ask any avid fan.

After Omega Underground reported about the start of an upcoming film by Marvel Studios in June, 2019, most fans might have thought that the contender would have been Doctor Strange 2, because that seemed believable due to its previous and original shoot in London.

Since there is a lot of drama happening here, how about you resort to your impending Google search and look up from where to get winter coats this season. It will get pretty chilly soon, and it’s not all about the weather.

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