Don’t You Dare to Ignore These 4 Awesome Outerwear’s for Halloween from Game of Thrones

Don't You Dare to Ignore These 4 Awesome Outerwear's for Halloween from Game of Thrones

We know Game of Thrones was the most-watched HBO series which was even able to catch the attention of the international audience from the Far East Asian countries to Latin America. The mega-series has finally come to an end but the fans are still interested in getting the Halloween Jackets and coats associated with the legendary characters appeared in the Television series. There may be a disagreement among the fans regarding the way got ended which caused hatred among the viewers against the writers and the makers. However, when it comes to Halloween celebrations, everybody is excited in representing their favourite character and forgetting their fate. Let’s skip the story line and avoid commenting on the plot to unlock the Got outerwear’s jackpot below.


Jamie Lannister

Having the largest fan base among all the GoT characters, Jamie Lannister is the most loved and admired figure from the HBO series. The only thing that would remind you of him, in the long run, is the Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister Black Leather Jacket which offers quality with the medieval fashion. It truly speaks for the controversial yet amazing character whose popularity reached a new height in the last season. Now you surely know what you have to do after you are being invited to a local costume party in Halloween.


Jon Snow

When we talk of GoT, it is impossible to ignore Jon Snow, one of the most handsome figures in the Television series. In case you are planning to pretend yourself to be the prince charming in Halloween, you should invest in the Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume Jacket to be satisfied with your choice. With that belted closure and real leather exterior, your presence is not going to get unnoticed at any cost

Game of Thrones Samwell Tarly Black Quilted Leather Jacket

Samwell Tarly

If nothing has impressed you so far, take the leather-made John Bradley Game of Thrones Quilted Leather Jacket and force the party attendees to stare you for hours. Of course, you are not supposed to be as fat as Samwell Tarly to wear this professionally made piece. It is your ultimate weapon to shut the mouth of your critics while making them feel jealous. Equipped with snap tab closure and a couple of internal pockets, Samwell Tarly’s jacket is a must-have in both the winter and Halloween season.

Isaac Hempstead Wright Game of Thrones Black Leather Vest

Bran Stark

Inspired by Catelyn Stark’s son Bran Stark, the Game of Thrones Dragon stone Bran Stark Leather Vest is another leather-dominated outerwear designed for the die-hard fans of the young charismatic boy. For your information, this is not the only outerwear linked to mister Bran Stark rather you can find unnumbered outerwear belonging to the said character on the internet. However, this one is the best of all without any doubt.

Keep an eye at the trends but treat yourself as a special celebrity and don’t compromise when it comes to the globally recognised event of Halloween which will arrive in a month only.

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