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Facts you wish you would have known about Captain America: Civil War

Facts you wish you would have known about Captain America Civil War

While there is no Captain America since Avengers: Endgame has put a full stop to the life of Steve Rogers, going into the past and knowing a few fun facts regarding the Civil War might not be a bad idea. So, let’s check out the facts you may never have heard about.

1- The film marked the beginning of the third phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

2- There were a couple of choices to portray the character of Spiderman, namely Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer. However, since Charlie was 17 he was not obliged to work more than a few hours under the child-labor law, therefore, Holland was given the job.

3- According to Joe Russo, Steve Rogers stopping the helicopter was the best shot of the film. Notably, it required Evans to work massively on his muscle growth to appear as a truly heroic personality.

4- Guess what? The official costume of Black Panther was a work of visual effects.

5- Chris Evans was reportedly injured during the scene where he makes an extra effort to stop the helicopter with his bare hands while showing off his well-defined biceps.

6- In order to show Evans’ big muscles, despite the wardrobe the popular Civil War Steve Rogers Brown Jacket is associated with, t-shirts were given to the blonde actor to shoot most of the scenes.

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