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Yet, he continues to live. Wondering how that is possible? The answer is we are talking about a video game. However, a more interesting answer would be to say that he’s had a “head transplant.” Yes, that may be taking things just a bit too far, even for a video game. But the fact of the matter is that it has worked. The game remains as popular as ever, just like the different clothing style statements the characters make (for example, the Game Wolfenstein BJ Blazkowicz Leather Jacket and Caroline Becker’s powerful armored suit).

“OSA Headquarter, this is Agent B. J. Blazkowicz. Wake up the Director. Tell him we need to meet as soon as I land.”

(B.J. Blazkowicz)


Game Wolfenstein BJ Blazkowicz Leather Jacket | New American Jackets |



First Trailer: Featuring Blazkowicz

The first trailer of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus features Blazkowicz in a number of different conditions, none of which is any better than the other. He is first seen unable to walk in a medical facility of some industrial complex. After that, he is seen smashing his way through gang after gang of Nazi soldiers in a wheelchair. Yes, you read that right. He is doing this in a wheelchair.

The New Order Resistance

In another scene, he has parted ways with his faux leather jacket and put on the Da’at Yichud exoskeleton. This is a powerful ancient armored suit in use of the resistance in The New Order. Previously, this suit had been worn by B.J.’s friend Caroline Becker who was wheelchair-bound when she first became a part of the game. The exoskeleton allowed her to get back in the trenches to fight the enemies.

There is a possibility that the armored suit is a stopgap measure to enable B.J to carry on fighting with his battered and bruised body until he can to trade it for a new model.

“You forget it. I am the one with the gun. Shut that thing down.”

(B.J. Blazkowicz)

Game Wolfenstein BJ Blazkowicz | New American Jackets |(Source):’cdn.gamerant’


A Full Head Transplant?

Later on in the trailer, B.J can be seen getting around on his own quite well. However, there is an interesting new accessory around his neck. The metallic ring is either an outrageous fashion statement or the result of a major (and quite extraordinary) medical procedure. This might be quite audacious and outlandish, but completely in line with the Wolfenstein identity. We are talking about the full head transplant. Yes, read that again slowly, FULL HEAD TRANSPLANT.

Wolfenstein has been known for its unique and eccentric approach to storytelling. Following are a few examples.

  • A hybrid critter having a cat’s head and a monkey’s body.


  • J. fighting Nazi robots in a wheelchair.


  • Caroline Becker being able to fight on the front lines in an armored power suit despite initially being wheelchair-bound.

So, there is no reason why B.J. cannot get a full head transplant. He has gotten himself a new body for the new edition of the game. And of course, the different jackets that he wears (the yellow one and the brown leather jacket) are uber-popular fashion accessories. Whether you like it or not, the unique appeal of the game has only been enhanced by this latest update to its storyline. The Best part is character Brian Bloom is the voice behind BJ Blazkowicz.

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