Here Are 10 Game-Inspired Halloween Jackets to Make Your Friends Say Wow

10 Game-Inspired Halloween Jackets

There is no recorded history mentioning the exact year Halloween was celebrated as a way to be entertained rather than a day to remember the saints and martyrs. The historical accounts indicate the All Saints Eve has been celebrated in the early 20th century in the same manner as today. Derived from the pagan roots and influenced by the Celtic tradition of paying tribute to the departed souls, Halloween has been turned into a source of entertainment by the westerners who keenly take interest in celebrating the event with a set of rituals from trick-or-treating to jack-o’-lanterns and setting costume parties to portray fictional figures from fairytales.

Today, with technological advancement at its peak, the creation of more and more animated characters depicted on the cinema screen is providing tons of new ideas to the Halloween celebrants for their clothing options. It would not be unfair to admit that somehow the majority is wanting to taste the change and break the trend of solely relying on the costumes of comic legends. Therefore, due to the revolutionarily growing industry of game, celebrants’ attention is diverting towards incredibly sketched characters that are just too fun to play. Let’s unlock the treasure of Halloween costumes linked to the game characters to appear completely different than the rest.

Get Yourself Affiliated with the Samurai GangCyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket

Samurai, the legendary gang of men are depicted in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 who is believed to launch a rebellion against the system using music as their sole power! Sounds cool, no? To be specific, this Halloween just can pretend yourself to be a part of the gang by donning the Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket and confront the metahuman characters bravely. Keep in mind, you will rarely find a better piece in Cyberpunk 2077 than the pictured one as it is way cooler than most of the outerwears kept in your closet.

Supporting the Robots
Detroit Become Human Rk900 Connor Jacket

Apart from the unreal yet disturbing robotic voice in Youtube videos, have you ever had a desire of conversing, moving and in fact doing everything like a robot? Let’s suppose you reply negatively, you better avail the exciting opportunity of the upcoming Halloween event to play a robotic character by putting on the Detroit Become Human Rk900 Connor Jacket. Inspired by RK900 in the French Videogame Detroit Become Human, showing off the ultimately formal attire to your friends will surely make them want to steal it from. Just don’t reveal your plans upon anybody and hide the trendy jacket in your closet until the day to execute your plans arrives.

Follow the Detective from Detroit City Police Department
Gavin Reed Detroit Become Human Jacket

The last number comes to the Gavin Reed Detroit Become Human Jacket from Gavin Reed’s immensely casual outerwear. Gavin, a law enforcement worker at the Central Station in Detroit City, is yet another notable figure to follow on Halloween. In order to perfect Gavin’s look, do a little bit of research about his characteristics and you are set to go for his outfit enough attractive to make others jealous of you.

Play an American Federal Agent
Resident Evil 2 Leon Scott Kennedy Brown Jacket

If you are into action visuals and find yourself fond of dangerously performed stunts, the Resident Evil 4 Leon Scott Kennedy Brown Jacket is the real deal for you. The inspiration for this marvelous piece came from Leon Kennedy’s seemingly casual wardrobe while he eliminates the rivals in the second installment of Resident Evil. The traced history of Leon indicates he is a working federal agent of D.O.S having assigned deadly missions that others cant dare to do.

Keep Green on Priority

Since bomber jackets have been associated with the US Air force airmen for decades, I bet, you may have never come across an idea to put on bomber outerwear on the All Saints Eve. This may sound weird to you but there is nothing unpleasing to wear one certainly when it has remained an integral part of the mainstream fashion. More importantly, a number of comic characters have worn a bomber jacket which means you are not going to be the sole celebrant wearing one at the costume party. In case you don’t find yourself stuck in a confusion situation, just give a try to the Far Cry 5 Green Bomber Jacket and start collecting an infinite level of admiration.

Jack Marston’s Outfit Is the Real Deal

Another extension to the prolonged yet diverse list of Halloween outerwears is Red Dead Redemption Jack Marston Coat which is heavily influenced by Jack Marston’s wardrobe in Red Dead Redemption. Guess what? You are more than welcome to learn how a cowboy acts and portray the character of Marston who is known to knock off the invaders in just a few seconds. Equipped with weapons, he is the most unstoppable figure in the action-filled game. Aren’t interested at all? Well, just keep on scrolling down as there is more to come.

Be a Pokemon Trainer as Spark

As the Pokemon fever never goes out of the trend, it was mandatory to update the list with an addition of Pokémon Go Team Spark Black Leather Jacket, the most jaw-dropping wardrobe from the said game. In order to update you about its background, the outerwear is associated with the light blue-eyed character of Spark who can be spotted wearing it in Pokemon Go. Spark, who is considered to be master at training Pokemon, is a classy option to adopt.

Time to Become a Mercenary

The iconic character of Squall Leonhart, a mercenary and main protagonist of Final Fantasy 8, is offering a solution to your costumes-related problems in an absolute form of Final Fantasy 8 Squall Leonhart Leather Jacket. Weaponize yourself with a gunblade and be ready to spread Leonhart’s terror to subdue the challengers on a spooky night and be invincible to dominate the rest of party attendees.

Taking inspiration from Solid Snake

The unbeatable yet voguish Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Black Leather Jacket guarantees the provision of a hard look to the wearer. Just Imagine, starring your friends while pretending to be Solid Snake aka Old Snake from Metal Gear 2 would be so funny. You can try to feel the aggressive attitude and heroic characteristics of Old snake to scare those who are unwilling to stay the heck out of your way.

Pay tribute to Micah Bell

While others are going to claim their favorite characters to be too powerful at the Halloween party, you can also have the capacity to challenge them by supporting your outfit with Micah Bell Red Dead Redemption Ll Tail Coat. As the title reflects, it comes from Micah Bell’s clothing in Red Dead Redemption which makes it the most glorifying outerwear from the said game after the wardrobe of Matson as mentioned above.


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