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How Long Can Leather Last?

How Long Can Leather Last

Today, the leather wearers are found all across the globe, from the inhabitants of the Pacific region to as far as the Latin American continent at the bank of the Atlantic Ocean. After the Autumn departs, the harsh weather of Winter arrives and leaves humans with a choice to increase the usage of leather items. Therefore, the titular question has been a source of confusion for most of the leather users for decades. The seriousness of the question can be understood in the simplest manner by learning that it affects a buyer’s choice if the doubts are not cleared.


The Leather duration

Have you ever heard you, granny or grandpa, claiming that their leather jackets and coats lasted for decades? Or have you ever found your grandparents’ old leather outer wears found in their cupboard which may look pretty new to you? If yes, this simply indicates the leather wears can surely last for years, in fact, more than you may have expected.

However, there are a number of factors that play a huge role in the preservation of a leather item. The long-lasting feature of a leather coat is mostly due to the number of times it has been polished and washed properly. If the wearer is unable to take care of the leather jacket, it’s actual color may fade away and may disintegrate. As compared to the suede leather, real leather lasts longer and provides extra protection against the cold wind during the Winter. If the dryness is not avoided, it may lead to the possible cracks certainly when extra stress is applied to it.

Another factor that should be taken into account is the frequency of the usage of a leather coat and the conditions it has been used under. For example, if it is exposed to the sunshine for a certain period of time beyond its limit, certainly a black leather jacket which attracts more warmth than other colors, the contrast of the color will fade away. Furthermore, if the situation is opposite, for instance, the leather wear is exposed to the rain and is not dried out immediately, the internal structure will start getting disintegrated and might smell so hard that you would be unable to breath out.


Extending the lifespan of the leather

To all the buyers who often think of preserving the leather item forever, especially a handbag, belt or even outerwear, they should be aware of the fact that it is absolutely impossible to extend the life of leather outerwear from a few decades to forever. However, if necessary measures are taken to take care of the item both internally and externally, the preservation process can be extended for a few more years. Following are the steps crucial in the extension of the durability of your leather wear.

Wash the leather item at least twice in a year for a soft touch

Dry out the outerwear as soon as possible after it has been exposed to the rainy weather

Don’t forget to oil the jacket to avoid the dryness and polish it to the extent that it should shine after the sunshine strikes it.

Prevent the exterior surface from getting stains and keep cleaning it purposely if it is covering your body all the seven days in a week.
Following the above-mentioned steps will ensure the longevity of the jacket while enabling you a fascinating experience and protection throughout the winter.

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