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While we would agree with the fact that black is the most versatile shade in the hood, we would like to shed some light on the inclusivity of the shade ‘white’ in our day-to-day fashion. Even though this might lead us to tackle a debate based on the indulgence of monochrome in our wardrobes, we would still like to continue with the fact that white has been the mainstay of our attire probably way more than black ensembles.

Since blazers help us to keep up with our fashion exhibits in style, we would like to shed some light on their importance and as to why we should cater to Winter jackets on sale whenever we get the chance. While we struggle with the upkeep of this debate, let us present to you 4 unique ways to style a white blazer below.




Kendall Jenner White Jacket | New American Jackets |


Pairing a white jacket with a white inner might seem too simple and vague at times, but if you can pull off black on black, then white on white should be no problem as well. Take it from our Victoria Secretsheartthrob, Kendall Jenner, and channel your all-white ensemble with elegance.

You can pair a white inner with a white blazer over your shoulders, and have your feet embrace the warmth of brown suede boots to complete the look. This look is a winner with a white purse and a pair of sunglasses as well.




Gigi Hadid White Jacket | New American Jackets |


How Gigi Hadid pairs a basic black top with a white blazer and a monochrome print choker for a casual day outside is a perfect inspiration for all the young girls out there.

A good pair of jeans is a mainstay of casual street style looks. Take a couple of ripped boyfriend or mom jeans, and pair them with a black tank top or a white button-up shirt to complete the look. While the tank top might seem pretty informal, the button-up shirt can do justice to a boring day at work.




Brown Jumpsuit | New American Jackets |


Let’s just stop everything you’re doing right now to pay attention to this classic piece of advice we have for you. Since jumpsuits have invaded our wardrobes since quite a few years, we would like to keep this fad from fading away by pairing them with a blazer.

An all brown jumpsuit with a belt hugging the waist not only looks classy, but can give you an admiral audience at work as well. Pair this outfit with white heels or stilettos, and be prepared to walk down the aisle of your office with elegance and style.




Jackets for women | New American Jackets |Ladies winter jackets | New American Jackets |



















You can pair a printed flare skirt with a long white coat or a pleated midi skirt with a boxy blazer as well. Skirts are amazing for a night out on the town, or for daytime weddings as well. While looking for blazers that reach the knees or below for women, you can also find jackets for women easily since this is one look that we don’t want to throw away.

Since there are tons of ways to style the white blazer for women, we think that we should start working on  women’s styles more often so that they too, can adorn various looks to go with their ladies winter jacket.





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