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The iconic 8-ball jacket:

Paddy 8 Ball Michael Hoban Bomber Jacket

Seinfeld was one of the most famous comical TV series of the 80’s and 90’s era. The variety of fashion in the series was always exceptional and funky which got everyone attraction and people were obsessed with the jackets shown in the TV show. This jacket was worn by Patrick Warburton who played the character of David Puddy in the series. This outfit was designed by Michael Hoban, who was later much adored by the people of the world for creating and designing such beautiful masterpiece.8 Ball Jacket

Colors are essential in your life and they are the part of anyone’s life, some choose light colors and some are attracted more towards bright and funky colors; it could be red or orange or yellow. There were times when people were mocked for wearing bright color jackets, but after Seinfeld, the TV series everybody just went mad for those bright colored jacket worn by the character David Puddy. This product was one of the most sold jackets on the planet and everyone was getting obsessed with the bright colors and design. The designer was so proud of his creations and asked everyone who wants to have their hands on the funky piece of clothing to wear it with proud. So, if you have only dull colors in your collection, consider having this Iconic 8 Ball Jacket which is number one seller in the world. Surely, you’d love it from the bottom of your heart.

This all-time famous and one of the most demanded Outfits was created with three different colors. The colors include Red, Yellow, and Black but the Number ‘8’ which was written on the sleeves; it was white. The costume was made of high-class leather and has a front zipper along with two pockets on both sides. The jacket has the rib-knitted feature which was made on the cuffs as well as on the waistline. The collared outfit with bright color made a chaos in the fashion industry and the fans got mad for the 8 Ball Jacket. It is super comfortable because of the lining of inner made of viscose material. It is a bang of choice for the casual gathering, picnics, birthdays and even bike rides.

TV series and movies were always inspired in the making of the new trends, but Michael Horan took the madness to another level. He has created such funky and cool pieces of clothing which stole the show right after the launch. Michael wanted the people of the world to enjoy bright colors and wear the colors with pride. Adding some colors in your wardrobe won’t cost much but it will always be there to brighten up your life with some delightful colors.

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