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Is Anna Kendrick’s profession keeping her too busy?

Is Anna Kendrick's profession keeping her too busy

From having a frank conversation with the former president Barack Obama and making him laugh by insulting him twice, to refusing to perform nude scenes in front of the camera, Anna Kendrick is all about an exceptionally talented personality whose acting skills has enabled her to earn millions of dollars and achieve what others can’t even in the lifetime. The Pitch Perfect 3 actress is fond of being in the limelight for many reasons associated with her profession.

Trolls World Tour: Kendrick will do the voice-over for Poppy

Being a typical fan of the Hollywood star, one might wonder what she is up to these days and what actually refrains her from even socializing. These days, Kendrick is busy recording her voice for the main lead character of Poppy in the animated film of Trolls World Tour which is set to initially release in Russia on the 19th of March, 2020. Moreover, Justin Timberlake is also believed to be working alongside Anna Kendrick on the project.

Kendrick teams up with Paul Feig in Love life

According to Variety, the gorgeous actress whose hot looks in the Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect 3 Jacket have stunned her male fans, will be starring along with Paul Feg in web series ”Love Life” which will be aired on WarnerMedia streaming website. When it comes to ”Love Life”, its a 10-episode comedy romantic series revolving around the lives of different individuals in terms of love affairs. It is to be noted, Kendrick has only worked once with Paul Feig in 2018 film ”A Simple Favor” while the film was being directed by Feig himself which means this is going to the first year in more than a year the two will be seen working together.

Stowaway: Kendrick’s starter

There is a long list of TV shows, series, and films, starring Anna Kendrick including the films that did pretty well on the box office, namely Pitch Perfect and Twilight. Ever since Kendrick rose to global fame, there are going to be more than a dozen projects she might find herself occupied by in the near future. One of the leading projects she has signed for is Stowaway, a science fiction thriller produced under the banner of XYZ Films.

One of the busiest actresses in Hollywood

In an interview to Variety, she opened up about her busy schedule and said, “If it was as simple as saying ‘I’m only going to do projects now that are gonna really reach audiences,’ I would probably do that, but since there’s no formula, you just have to go off of personal joy”. She has got the potential to deal with extra stress while doing a number of projects at a time. Take John Krasinski’s views regarding her as he told the Variety three years ago, “If you take on eight movies, you’re running the risk that you’re going to diminish your quality level. Anna doesn’t have that problem. She always assures whomever she’s working with that she’s going to knock it out of the park. And that’s incredibly rare.” For some transparency, Anna Kendrick appeared in a total of six movies in 2016 which says a lot about her successful career and proves she is one of the most demanding actresses in the global cinema industry.

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