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Knowing What Brie Larson is up to these days

Brie larson Captain Marvel

The stunningly gorgeous American actress Brie Larson loves being in the limelight certainly after she signed the film Captain Marvel in which she appeared as Carol Danvers, a United States Air Force pilot who was caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between the alien races. The movie was a huge hit flying past the whopping $1 billion globally and being one of the only three Marvel movies to surpass the staggering figure of one billion dollars. Not only that, but the film also introduced Captain Marvel Brie Larson Distressed Leather Jacket to the die-hard followers of the fashion which has still be in the trend.

It is obviously not surprising to know that she has been more popular today as once she was before portraying the legendary character of the Marvel Comics. However, after Larson went through the exhausting phase of film shooting, she has gone into the low-profile mode and hardly appearing in front of the camera. The star girl has also remained in the news for hateful remarks against the cast of Avengers which caused a backlash and forced Marvel to handle the situation in a pretty fairly manner. But all this does not make her a hater since it is her own opinion and one may absolutely disagree or even argue with that.

Coming towards the point, there are a lot of things Brie Larson has been in the news for a few days. Being specific, the 29 years old actress has taken it to Twitter to share a bikini pose on the night of Memorial Day. Let me thank god as luckily no fan of hers criticized her for this or expected her to wear the military-inspired clothes or do a video tributing the United States Military soldiers who lost their lives while defending their country. In fact, fans have been praising her for the clear abs visible in the picture clearly which seems perhaps the well-defined abs was one of the main reasons Larson posted it.

The photo was posted with the description, “But what other people thought was no longer of any help to me,” Larson quoted. “Those thoughts only existed within certain structures, and I had definitively left those structures.”

Larson is known to be a pretty smart and genius personality having a higher intellectuality level which is why she cares never what others think of her and enjoys her life the way she is supposed to. Despite the lame or supposedly controversial remarks, she is still one of the most talented actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Recently, Captain Marvel star has announced she is working on a new project. Reportedly, she will be seen in a new drama revolving around the Central Intelligence Agency and will be playing the lead role. Apart from this, there is surely no other information available about the release date of the first episode which is surely making fans desperate to wait for.

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