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Lost In Space: Season 2 Release Date

Lost In Space Molly Parker Parka Jacket

The second season of the famous TV series Lost In Space is still in the pipeline with almost most of the scenes shot already. Knowing the story of the Lost In Space is adapted from the two centuries old novel written in 1812 titled as The Swiss Family Robinson, makes the tv show more interesting as the story has been used in a number of shows in last four decades.

For instance, after a couple of major remakes in 1998 and 2004, Netflix decided to come up with their own and made Lost In Space which has proved to be a widely acclaimed show liked all over the world. It’s due to its global fame and popularity that the second season is to be aired offering an extra dose of entertainment for the audience.

The Shooting Location

As per reports, unlike most of the other TV shows which are filmed in British Columbia, season 2 has been filmed in Iceland and is set to release in the month of September this year. While you may be waiting for extra fun and thrilling action, there are those waiting to get inspiration from Molly Parker’s wardrobe like Lost in Space Molly Parker Parka Jacket in the first season.


The Tv series is expected to have a few more new characters since a number of characters disappeared in the previous season. Yet we are unsure about the possible names who will be joining the casting team this season. However, the remaining characters John, Maureen, Judy, Penny, Will, Smith, Don, and of course, the Robot will surely be in the upcoming season.

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