Marvel Vs DC: Who has got a better sense of Superhero Costumes?

Marvel Vs DC Who has got a better sense of Superhero Costumes

This undeniably is an important question which does not seem to be going in favor of either one. The prolonged rivalry between Marvel and DC probably has no end as the former has got an edge over the latter in the world of cinema. When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe looks like to be going through a dark period which eventually has decreased the fan base of the second largest and the oldest mainstream comic publisher. The lack of quality films, creative characters, and interesting plot are one of these factors leading to the downfall of the once-greatest comic king. From comics to the cinematic world and from the cinematic world to the costumes, the endless war between the two is not going end any soon.


However, as Marvel is considered to be the victorious force on the screen, DC is trying its best to defeat the competitor in the field of style by developing better costumes than ever before. But the odds have not been against Marvel either who is bestowing some remarkable costumes to its super characters. In short, it is not even about who has the most powerful characters, rather it’s all about who has given the coolest costumes to its characters.


The Comparative Analysis of Outerwears Inspired by Costumes


Costumes have been dominating the fans’ choices for over decades but the gradual change in clothing option has brought a revolution of jackets inspired by superheroes’ costumes. Whether you talk of Chris Evan Captain America Leather Jacket or point your fingers towards a bunch of others masterpieces, the growing trend of the use of jackets has left a positive impact upon the costume designers.

Avengers Infinity War Thor Black Leather Vest

This has been the key reason, the superheroes have been given better clothes in every new film. Take Avengers Infinity War Thor Black Leather Vest, It was Thor’s choice in Infinity War and is an upgraded version of the vest the said character donned in the previous standalone film.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Property Of Joker Jacket

Since Marvel’s mainstream comic characters are twice the number of DC’s characters, more than a dozen jackets linked to Marvel superheroes have dominated the market. While the DC fans are forced to rely on a shortlist of few jackets topped by Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Property Of Joker Jacket.

Wonder Woman Diana Gal Gadot Jacket

Aquaman’s entry along with Wonder Woman into the cinematic world has somehow increased the profit of the official merchandise of DC, but probably not as much as the competitor. Although the Wonder Woman Diana Gal Gadot Jacket has been liked by the fans more than the film itself which was unable to catch the attention of the audience.

Let’s give some credit to The Flash Barry Allen Red Leather Jacket for doing much better in the consumer market than expected and hoping the DC would think of giving a standalone film to the fastest man in the universe. The only other outerwear giving a hard time to Marvel costumes along with Quinn’s jacket is the Suicide Squad Joker Crocodile Purple Coat, all thanks to creepy Joker for at least donning it in Suicide Squad or else there would not have been any sign of this purple piece anywhere on the internet. We know Joker himself is a brand which means anything he wears becomes a part of a specific style adopted by villains-loving fans.

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