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Exit – The Disaster Artist, an amazing literary adaptation that had fans and critics lined up for Franco’s upcoming flick with excitement. Enter – Future World, which ironically, proved how naive fans and critics can be to expect greatness after achieving success from a critically acclaimed brilliant movie genre. Future World has gotten fans thinking and wondering, “Is James Franco clad in the infamous warlord leather jacket really on to something after directing an awful western slash sci-fi flick after the success of his intense drama?”

Maybe after a couple of years, fans will forget that James Franco wrote, co-directed, and also starred in a sci-fi movie, that had plagued the internet and cinemas for a long time. Ironically, there wasn’t much buzz about Future World by James Franco himself, or its impeccable cast.



warlord leather jacket


Most people weren’t even sure of the movie, since there was no evidence that Franco is coming up with a movie that is built upon the sci-fi genre. However, when the trailer was released, it not only left people shocked, but also left them low-key hoping for the flick to be way better than what it seemed to be.

In the movie Future World, James Franco has chosen quite an impeccable cast such as Suki Waterhouse, Milla Jovovich, Snoop Dogg, George Lewis Jr., and Jeffery Wahlberg as some of the most important characters. However, the movie has a lot going on. With its slight inclination towards getting inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road, Future World seemed something short of a proper budget and perhaps, a good storyline, to be successful.

Jeffery Wahlberg is actually a newcomer in Hollywood, who perhaps, had his odds when he signed up for the Future World. Sure, the fans loved seeing his baby face in a leading role in a sci-fi flick, and he too, might remember Franco for giving him a role that accentuated his efforts. Suki Waterhouse, however, grabbed a role that was prone to female objectification and misogyny in the movie, which is surprising and quite degrading.


Future World, James Franco


While there was nothing wrong with Waterhouse’s role as an android who seeks to pursue a quest with her journey counterpart, Wahlberg, to find the purpose of her post-apocalyptic standing. While James Franco aka Warlord takes his sweet time to objectify her and take her as his sex slave, Suki Waterhouse (thankfully) realizes what a mess she is in and takes Wahlberg’s help to get out of it.


James Franco leather jacket


The plot is loosely written. Sure, there is a lot going on – there are vengeful drug lords, awfully smelling villains clad in outerwear similar to James Franco leather jacket, a dying queen, and a naive boy who is all set to change the destiny of this post-apocalyptic mess he’s living in. The movie could have performed a lot better if it had a gripping plot, because it already had an amazing cast.

While there are more projects underway, fans hope that Franco wouldn’t write or direct a movie that portrays female objectification and misogynistic gratification. Perhaps it is better that Franco should stay off the screens for a little while, given his misconduct allegations. For his legion of fans, it could be better if they could lay off the James Franco jacket for Halloween this year, because you wouldn’t dare get associated with a Mad Max movie knock-off that has a 3.1 rating on IMDB.


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