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Peaky Blinder Make A New Movie | New American Jackets |

“In all the world, violent men are the easiest to deal with.”

These moving lines are written on the hearts and mind of every person who has witnessed the amazing Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders is undoubtedly the most amazing show this century has ever given us. Who does not love the perfect story line blended with an excellent cast? Peaky Blinders has done this for us.

As the show started, many critics pointed out that there is so much wrong with the show. Some were against the idea of directing a whole show on such an antique theme. While others said that the language used in the show is impurifying the society.

Nevertheless, despite all this criticism, Peaky Blinders rose to the heights of fame in just a couple of weeks. The cast of this show was indeed the perfect element. It contributed a lot to the fame of the show. Every women, from teenage girl to even those in their 40’s, find Tom Hardy their ideal man. The costumes of this show are also worth the praise. For sure, at least 8 readers of this article out of 10 know about Peaky Blinders Tom Hardy Woolen Coat. Most of them either own it or want to buy it.

The news about the show is that its amazing producer is now about to direct another venture. The new show is for Netflix and will be created with Jake Gyllenhaal.


Peaky Blinders Tom Hardy Woolen Coat | New American Jackets |




Knight is the original brain behind Peaky Blinders and is the reason behind that Tom Hardy Trench Coat you want. Other than this show, Steven has produced following shows:

  • The Tom-Hardy-in-a car “Locke”
  • The terrific Eastern Promises
  • He co-created “Who wants to be a millionaire” as well.

This guy is a living proof of what he wrote himself:

Brave is going where no man has gone before.”

Now he has decided to team up with Jake Gyllenhaal and Netflix to produce a new movie. The cast of this movie has not been disclosed yet. However, it is being said that the story will be about a frantic-sounding robbery.

This movie will be called “The Helicopter Heist” most probably. Moreover, reports say that Jake will lead from the fore front. The movie will be based on a book written by Swedish famed author Jonas Bonnier.  


Tom Hardy trench coat | New American Jackets |




The movie will be revolving around some bravely daring robbery which took place in 2009. The settings for the robbery were the city of Stockholm. Four men will be seen pulling off a terrific heist. The robbery of $6.5 million is the central theme of the movie. What’s even more thrilling is that the money has never been recovered, neither is there a hint of the robbers.


Alfie Solomon’s wool coat


The movie will be complex and detailed with a lot of thrill mixed with mystery. The robbery has been fantasized because of the movie however, a darker side can also be experienced. The real life news won’t be a spoiler even if you come across it. This is because these great producers have a lot more creative stuff in the box for you.


The movie has not yet started entering the filming phase. This means that the release date is far, far away. However, we can expect the movie to come before the World War Z, another venture Knight is embarking upon. Let’s hope we get more trendy outfits from the movie like the currently famous Alfie Solomon’s Wool Coat.