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Philip Reeves had one thing coming when he released his big shot, Mortal Engines, for his fans to read in 2001. Director, Peter Jackson – the one who directed the evergreen ‘The Lords of the Rings’ – had another thing coming when he got to know about the instant success of Mortal Engines. He was struck with an idea that has not only resonated with him for quite long but will be soon ready for viewers to watch in cinemas this December 2018.

While Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines might have not operated the same way that the Harry Potter franchise did on fans, it still was a huge success. Fans are still waiting for this feature to hit the screens, especially due to the fact that Robert Sheehan is all set to claim the screens (and a lot of hearts in the process) with his Tom Natsworthy Mortal Engines Trench Coat. Peter Jacksons, however, handed the project to Christian Rivers, who will now direct the movie as he pleases – a proposition that seems ideal since the latter had been Jackson’s storyboard artist for a couple of decades.


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The movie’s in good hands, but will it perform the same way the book did, and perhaps, the trailer is currently? It’s always a 50-50 scenario – sometimes, the trailer seems exciting and the movie proves it to be otherwise, and vice versa. However, with geniuses like Rivers and Jackson on the team, fans are a bit enthusiastic. Perhaps, they would get to see new faces in brand New American Jackets that are going to stick with them for a while until a sequel or prequel gets announced.

Mortal Engines is actually inspired by the concept of Municipal Darwinism.  There are smaller, mobile cities, that are at the cost of getting attacked and consequently, devoured by their counterparts or bigger, stronger cities. The movie actually revolves around three main characters that embark on a journey in order to prevent London from engulfing all humankind.

The movie is actually set to commemorate a post-dystopian society, but the producers, however, don’t wish to capitalize on the genre of post-apocalyptic dystopia since it stands nowhere in their storyline. They claim that this isn’t right after the apocalypse – it is the way after that, and fans will get to witness that.


Tom Natsworthy Mortal Engines Coat | New American Jackets |


The movie features Robert Sheehan in a Tom Natsworthy Mortal Engines Coat as an apprentice from London. With more focus on Hera Himarsdo as Hester Shaw, a young woman who is all set to take the screen by storm with her mysterious and utter savior complex.

Christmas is going to be amazing this year – for sure. With a lot of upcoming blockbusters lined up, it’s amazing how Hollywood has approached the genre of science fiction and capitalized on its amazing concept with fervor.

Every year, fans get to see some of their favorite actors and debutants portraying roles they’ve always read about. Directors like Peter Jackson not only get to broaden their horizon by experimenting with science fiction but also get to produce a vision that fans fantasize about avidly. The Robert Sheehan Mortal Engines jacket might not be the only reason why fans are excited about this franchise – things are about to go down, and Houston, we definitely have a problem (but in London).

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