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  • Queen-of-the-South-Pote-Galvez-Blazer

Hemky Madera Queen of the South Blazer

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Queen of the South Pote Galvez Blazer

If you are someone who is inspired by the Queen of South. Just as independent and brave as Teresa. As she was forced to flee from the country after her boyfriend was murdered, she had the strong nerves to take revenge on the biggest drug leader of the time. Having an inspiring personality while rising from the hopelessness, it is important that you look into this Hemky Madera Queen of the South Pote Galvez Blazer. It not only boosts your confidence but also makes sure that you are safe with all the secrets.

This Hemky Madera Black Blazer is so chic and gives you a; look of someone who has been a badass all their lives. The comfortable and lightweight fabric with a heavy character to it. This has a viscose lining that will make you feel comfortable. By having full-length sleeves and some compact pockets, it is very easy to gather attention around you. This can lead you to have more people interested in your wardrobe, and it can make your wardrobe feel nicer and more free-spirited.