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  • Yellowstone-S04-Cole-Hauser-Jacket
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Yellowstone S04 Cole Hauser Veterans Jacket

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 Yellowstone S04 Rip Wheeler Cotton Jacket

Leather jackets are mostly produced in black or grey color. But the jacket we bring to you is very different. Inspired by Olivia Liang, who wears it in the tv series Kung Fu, this jacket will bring out the femininity hidden inside you. It’s perfect for girls and women alike and has a sumptuous design. The features of this jacket are perfect in every way. The Olivia Liang Kung Fu Nicky Maroon Leather Jacket will make you feel confident and happy, and your self-esteem will also grow. There’s gonna be a smile on your face as long as you’re gonna be donned up in it and you’re gonna emit positive vibes all around.

The Olivia Liang Biker Jacket is made out of real leather with an inner lining of viscose. It has a zipper closure on the front and a lapel-style collar. It is maroon in color with full-length sleeves. It has two pockets on the outside and one inside.