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There is a bunch of superhero movies which either showcase women as leading super-heroines or super-villains clad in leather costumes or attire that is the most relevant to their characters. Most of these superheroes can usually be seen walking  along the snow-covered streets in their off-duty clothes, such as a womens black winter jacket in the hopes to keep up with their disguise and hunt for the ‘bad people’.

One such super-heroine, who has constantly managed to achieve the unrequited attention of fans throughout the world, is probably Black Widow – the red-haired Russian beauty alias Natalia Alianovna Romanova.


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After being cast as the fiery red-haired, ex-Soviet spy, Black Widow in 6 superhero movies, Scarlett Johansson has finally succeeded to the top by landing a standalone role in the upcoming film of the Marvel Franchise. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scarlett Johansson will not only get to enjoy


pride and prejudice by getting cast as a leading protagonist clad in a winter jacket womens in a Marvel flick, but will also get to cash in big bucks for her prestigious role.

This is actually a breakthrough in Hollywood cinema – women are not only getting equal opportunities but also equal wages as per their male counterparts. Both Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) earned $15 million apiece for their respective roles in Avengers: Infinity War, and other movies that had cast them separately.

Scarlett Johansson had reportedly bagged $10 million for her standalone role in the 2017 sci-fi move, Ghost in the Shell. With the Black Widow’s standalone film, she would probably be classified as one of the leading, influential, and most expensive actresses in all of Hollywood.


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Discussion about Paychecks in Hollywood is a pretty debatable topic to get heated about. When Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man in his debut standalone film, his role was balanced off with a six-figure paycheck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel didn’t usually pay seven figures to debut standalones, but with the casting of Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow and a couple other maestros, Marvel might have broken the six-figure stereotype.

Academy Award winner, Brie Larson, who has supposedly signed the ‘Captain America’ franchise, and will probably flaunt an all-leather costume or a bold jean jacket for women – whatever floats the boat of the stylists and costume designers – will also, be paid in paychecks that have seven figures. Chadwick

Boseman too, had been paid in seven figure paychecks for his impeccable work in the box office hit, ‘Black Panther’. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Avengers Franchise has crossed more than $2 billion on the box office with its last release – The Infinity War – which is actually a lot of money as compared to what the actors of the Marvel Franchise are paid today.


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While there have been a couple of sources that have confirmed the truth behind Marvel’s paycheck to Scarlett Johansson for her role as the Black Widow, a Marvel spokesperson has however, denied the accuracy of these ‘rumours’ and therefore, negated the disclosure of their actors’ salaries due to strict policies.

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