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Considered as Spike Lee’s greatest installment to Hollywood Cinema (and America), Movie BlackkKlansman hit the big screens this August, and has already caused frenzy in suburbs and neighbourhoods. The fact that Spike Lee targeted white supremacy and racism with sheer intricacy and intellect in BlackkKlansman is probably the reason why the movie’s crew is receiving praise and applause.

In 1986, Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have it (1986) probably was the reason behind the love for his newly found and yet-to-be-established career. Spike Lee is also the directorial face behind Netflix’s series of the same name. Spike Lee’s Malcolm X featured Denzel kWashington in the limelight – approximately twenty six years later, the Lee-Washington duo is back, but with a new face in the hood.


Movie BlackkKlansman


Denzel Washington’s son, Actor John David Washington, graced the cinemas with his role as a black cop amidst white supremacists in BlackkKlansman in August. The movie however, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in May where it not only left the celeb crowd in awe, but also won the second most prestigious award of the day – The Grand Prix Award.

Spike Lee’s effort at redefining cinema with his greatest work to date is probably the reason why America is still talking about this film. While there are many white Americans who took this film to be nothing more than a comedy between two cops who just happen to belong to different races, there are also plenty of people who saw the movie and walked out of the cinema appreciating Laura Harrier in the characteristic BlackkKlansman Patrice Dumas jacket.

While this is not the case, this could mean that Spike Lee’s efforts to bring the truth about this generation’s screwed up ideologies regarding politics, identity, and race would perish in the dust.

However, Spike Lee – pictured in some bling, a black t-shirt, and a BlackkKlansman cap – is walking proof of the fact that he wouldn’t compromise over this fact, and would do anything to wake America up, and hence, help motivate a generation that avoids electing another disastrous presidency.


BlackkKlansman Patrice Dumas jacket


Based on the Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth, Spike Lee claims to help educate the generation about the history of the States with his film. David John Washington, who plays the role of an undercover black cop in the movie, had been told to get a copy of the Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth because Spike Lee had decided to cast him in his eye opener of the film.

Probably due to the fact that Denzel Washington and Spike Lee are incredible friends (possibly consider themselves to be brothers), it is really amazing to notice that the director displayed every ounce of faith and trust in David John Washington, and casted him without an audition alongside Character Patrice Dumas (Laura Harrier) in BlackkKlansman.

Spike Lee aims to compare the parameters and collaterals of racism and nativity in his present day directorial legend with that of the 1970s. In every film that springs onto the major screen out of his  intellectual yet contrary mind, Spike Lee wishes to agonize America with his cumbersome phrase, “Wake up”, and he therefore, can be seen emphasizing on it in movies such as School Daze, Do The Right Thing and now, in BlackkKlansman as well.

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