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Brown and black leather jackets are perhaps two of the most classic styles of fashion that exhibit resilience and timelessness, undoubtedly. They are not only found in our boutiques and stores with ease, but are also equipped with styles that aim towards the rehabilitation of the modern fashionable woman.

The modern fashionable woman takes inspiration from celebrity clothing, and tries to mold her style by introducing pieces that can somehow cause her to exert timeless and effortless magic. She tries to introduce color into her wardrobe, and at the same time, aims to keep vintage treats, such as black fashion jackets alive.

Mentioned below are 5 ways to style your basic, black jacket in different ways that today’s modern fashionable will definitely agree to.






When in doubt, go for monochrome. Black and white, are perhaps two of the most extreme colors that we know can help you kick off your Monday blues with vengeance. Pair an all-white outfit with a black leather blazer that is boxy and cropped to hug your waist. You can also pair a plain white or black and white striped t-shirt with a black denim jeans and a black jacket to complete the look.






Colorful long skirts that are either floral or abstract, and pleated or straight, can be paired with a rainbow striped t-shirt or any tee for that matter. You can also wear a turtleneck above your skirt, and carry it off with a black cropped blazer or a leather trench coat for the finishing touch.




celebs clothing


Apart from your basic Vans and Canvases, we think that stilettos can be one of the greatest attractions in your wardrobe. They can be paired with a skimpy black dress for a party, or can be worn with a pair of blue denim jeans or textured trousers for a mid-day occasion. In either way, throw over a black biker jacket to complete the look.

Olivia Palermo is flaunting the right way to popularize celebs clothing by pairing her priceless black studded leather jacket with her classic stilettos.




Leggings or Tights


Pair your denim miniskirt with fish-net leggings and a black biker jacket to incorporate those punk vibes on a boring weekend. You can easily pair your miniskirts with matching leggings, tights, or stockings, and complete the look by choosing from a. variety of jackets or coats.

For styling tips, consider taking some inspiration from Dakota Johnson’s style as she can be seen wearing a black leather jacket over a pair of black leggings quite effortlessly.






Unlike denim jeans, denim culottes tend to incorporate an edgy yet a more casual look when worn underneath a flowy chiffon shirt or a tucked in t-shirt. Pleated culottes and matching sets are also considered to be examples of pieces that can be paired with a basic black jacket by throwing it over the shoulders and thus, carried with elegance.

Apart from the aforementioned styles, there are tons of pieces of clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched with basic black jackets. Our love for black is unconditional, and we would keep on discovering styles and outfits that do justice to the dark hue.



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